Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Missed me???

This weekend I was in Oslo to celebrate midsummer. But it rained and rained all weekend. So no BQ, only schrimps and white wine in front of the tv. When I first was in Oslo I had to visit Katrines Quiltstue. There I met my friend Kristin. She is also a quilter (mostly crazy quilting) and she is also in the board of The Norwegian Quilters Association. Kristin in the front and Katrine who owns this quiltshop behind the counter cutting fabrics.

Let me show you some other photos from Katrines Quiltestue

The quilt hanging over the door is parts from a Bareroot Pattern. And I want to make this one.

The japaneese fabric corner. My favorite part of the shop, next after Moda.Red and brown is sooooo beautiful together.

I was very very clever this time. I bought only fabrics I have a plan with. The one to the left is going to be in my christmas table cloth I started on in mai. The other one I meant go go with the Lecien fabrics I got for christmas last year.
But when I placed the bundle of Lecien fabrics on top of the newly bought fabric, I don't think it looks like what I have intended. It is too "dark". I have to look for a lighter fabric. Not clean white, but a bit more white than this. I want it to be the background fabric and this one is too similar to the colurs in the bundle. And I bought 1.5 m of this fabric. So I have to look further for the prefect fabric. So this project have to wait. And I who finally had decided what to do!!!!! Typical. Yesterday I visited my friend Laila in Trysil. I helped her to start blogging. So please visit her blog Jacobs Quilt and wish her welcome to blogworld. She is a very skilled quilter and she has sooooooo many lovely things to show you. So please encourage her to continue with her blog. Laila....here is the quilting smiley we were looking for yesterday.


And please forgive me.........

It looks like I won another give away over at Caroles blog Quilting adventures. I am a very lucky girl right now, so I think I have to buy a lottery ticket. I'm a bit embarrassed winning twice, but I guess we all have the same fair chance to win when we post a comment on giveaways.

I got a mail from Tanya. Her prize in my give away has already reached Japan. Only one week since I posted it. This time the postman travelled fast.


Saying for today:

Anyone who says money can't buy happiness
doesn't know where to shop

You all know what I mean.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spools, envelopes and decisions

One thing that makes me angry when I'm sewing is an empty spool. And it always happends when I'm in a hurry. And ALWAYS when I only have a few inches left to sew. Do you agree??? Therefore I have started to wind up several spools every time I'm empty.
I have finished Tanyas little sewing bag + an extra one for another friend. Tanya, I have posted the pink/red one to you. Hope you will like it and use it. I cross my fingers that it will have a safe flight over to Japan. I have so much fun making this bags. And it's a nice way to use some of my stitcheries. I'm now planning to make this bag with applications on. Maybe prepare it as a new class this autumn. I have many ideas.
So yesterday I posted a lot of envelopes. Click on the photo and see who gets them.
Wish you all a nice sewing day. I'm going out on the porch now to stitch on my Leannes House block #6. Or should I start experimenting on application on a new drawstring bag. Or should I prepare some new Applique Designs blocks, or some daisy blocks, or..............
Decisions, decisions...........

I won !!!!!

Just before going to bed late yesterday/early this morning LOL, I thought I should take a short browse through bloglines. I've had visitors all evening celebrating my DD birthday and I wanted to see if anyone had posted someting interesting.

And what did I discover. Sharon over at Red Geranium Cottage had picked me as the winner of all these goodies. I almost fainted when I read it. ME........winning all this stuff. Look at the beautiful purse she have made. And the charms, love the romantic fabrics. And Moda IS my favorits. Teabags, a little teaspoon, finger nail file, napkins. And the cutest little tray I ever seen. I know a lot of you are very very envious on me now getting this tray :) I love all these goodies, and I'm looking forward to receive them. I hope the postage will not be too expensive for you Sharon. I'm living in Norway you know. Thank you so much Sharon!!

Saying for today:

If I stitch fast enough does it count as an aerobic exercise?

(thoughts after all the cake I had yesterday LOL)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy birthday

My DD is turning 19 today. My little girl is becoming a grown up. I still remember the day she was born. A beautiful warm june afternoon. I was so happy when I got to hold her in my arms. And now she is a beautiful independent young lady who I am very proud of. Happy birtdhay dear.
We always had the tradition to wake up the birthday child with gifts and food in the morning. Singing the birthday song. Today it was only me singing for her (poor girl listening to me singing LOL).
I had made her this make up purse. And it was very convenient because her old one was destroyed yesterday. And I filled it up with some makeup and money. She is saving for a new computer.
And some cakes are ready. Her favorite is "Verdens beste", it's a cake with meringue, almonds and vanilla cream. I also made a strawberry crem cake.
Saying for today:

Childhood should be a journey - not a race

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pincushion exchange

I have signed up for Angela's pincushion exchange. So if you want to join please visit her blog The Country Cellar. You can also sign up for a needle keeper exchange. I love pincushions and this is a opportunity to get one special one :) I know which one I'll make.

Saying for today:
Nothing lasts forever ... not even your troubles

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And the winner is

I am overwhelmed by the response on my 200th blogiversary. 73 comments when I printed it out today. Gosh........ There was a lot of "old" familiar bloggers and also some new ones. It is always fun to meet new bloggers. Perhaps this is one way to get the lurkers out of their cabinets LOL I appriciate every word you have written, I'm even blushing over the nice words you are saying. Me a quilt idol (somone mentioned that in their comment) ...........no way......I'm just an ordinary crazy quilt lady from Norway who loves my hobby. Some also "blame" (LOL) for being responsible for they starting to blog, but isn't that fun :) I also pushed another one yesterday to start blogging after her comment on my blog. So please visit Gudrun from Iceland on her blog and wish her welcome to blogland. I am sure she have a lot to tell about Iceland and the quilters there. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the nice comments on my 200th blogiversary. I wish I could have made a drawstring bag for all of you, but 73 , sorry I don't have time for that. Have to sew!!!!!!

And who will be the winner of my drawstring bag. I have started to sew it together. But will not show it yet. Give me some days and it will be finished.

I have printed all comments early this morning. And cut them out one by one and placed them in my chrystal bowl
and shouted: "Lena, please come and help me"
She picked one paper from the bowl.....

and the winner is
drumroll please
and the winner is

Tanya from Japan.
WOW....my drawstringbag is flying all over to Japan.
So Tanya please email me you adress.
Congratulations to you
And thank you all other who placed a comment.
Please come back and visit me
Have a nice day.
Saying for today:
Winners are like tea bags...
They get stronger the longer they're in hot water.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Leannes House BOM

Leanne Beasley is coming to Norway the last week in october to give classes. And I have registered in one class. I do not know what class it is yet. I just know I want to meet her. I am so looking forward to this. Last year I started Leannes House BOM. I did five blocks and then it was abandoned. Why, I do not remember, but when I now have restarted on it again, I think it was because I regretted not using batting behind my blocks.

This weekend I found my abandoned blocks and sewed the last four blocks. My sewing room is the most chilly room in the house :) And now I have 4 1/2 blocks to stitch during the summer. It would have been fun to show Leanne it when she arrives.

Block #1 is finished

Block # 2 is also finished

Block # 3 is lacking flowers where it says SPRING

Block # 4 , have done just a little bit stitching on this one

Block # 5 is finished......no it's lacking a little heart down to the left

Block # 6 ready to be stitched

Block #7 ready to be stitched

Block # 8 ready to be stitched

And finally block # 9 also ready to be stitched

So now you know what I'll bring with me on my summer holiday. Stitchery is very easy to do in a hot summer day. Everything is drawn on the fabric and you don't need to think about what you are doing.....almost. So if you are wondering what to bring on your summer holiday I recommend stitchery. If you don't have a pattern there is a lot of free stitchery pattern to find on the net.

Saying for today:

PS: I am overwhelmed by all the comments I got on my previous post. Thank you so very much. The winner of a drawstring bag will be picked early tomorrow (norwegian time).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My 200 th post !

I am writing my 200th post right now, and I'm inviting you over for a glass of white wine and strawberries. Doesn't it look yummy!!!!

I had no idea when I started blogging in august last year that it would develope like this. My first post where i presented myself both in norwegian and english. I inteded to write both in english and norwegian, but after a short while I realiced that was not executable. I choose to write only in english. The first two who commented on my blog was Bente and Hanne. Then I got to know a lot of foreign bloggers. From USA, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Netherland, Sweden, Finland, England aso. I did not know there was such a big world of quilt bloggers. And still I discover new blogs I haven't visited before. What a lovely place blogland is!!!! I am so thrilled that I've met you all.

My DD told me today that her friends thought I was a cool mom. And when I asked why they thought so she told me it was cause of my blogging. Also want to mention that when she arrived at the beach yesterday with her new bag even one of the boys thougt it was nice. And the girls wanted to know where she bought it. "My mom made it for me" she told them. "Oh...that's so cool" some of them said.

The sun is still shining hot hot hot. But today there is a little breeze in the air. So it is lovely to sit on the porch. I'm sewing on Leannes House BOM. Will show you in my next post. But my fingers is sticky and it is difficult to get nice stitches. I am also reading a good book. And have a big glass of cold water besides me. Which I sometimes just want to pour onto my head to chill off a bit.

A give away to celebrate my 200th blogiversary.

I will draw one of you who comment on this post. And I think I will make a little drawstring bag with a little stitchery on for the winner. My DD will pick a winner tomorrow evening and I'll post the winner on tuesday. I have already started the stitchery.
And please make sure that I'm able to answer back on your comments . Still too many bloggers come up with no reply.

Saying for today:
Do not say a little in many words
but a great deal in a few

Friday, June 08, 2007

My summerbag

Or more correct I guess my DD summerbag. When she saw this bag yesterday she declared that she wanted to borrow it (read; to have it). And of course I give it to her if she want it. Isn't it fun when our children says; I want that one!! So I guess I have to make myself another bag. I feel so honored when she want one of my things. Usually she do not like the colours I choose. She want me to use more romantic light colours, or colours like the one used in this bag.

Some of you guessed it was a bag I was making. And here it is. My (my DD's) summerbag.

It was an easy pattern to follow. Good instructions together with very good photos of the process. But why doesn't the designer think about hiding the raw edges inside the bag. I won't have the raw edges !!!! So I made bias and sewed in on when I sewed the bag together. Easy to do and the raw edges are hidden. Don't you agree???? I like it better this way.
This bag was made from this pattern from Lazy Girl Design .
Now over to next project. This & That Buttonbag. I bought this pattern yesterday. Perhaps if I make it in other colours than the bag I will be able to keep it myself LOL Or I make two, one for me and one for my DD.
And still there is some of you who have "no reply comments" and have no profile so I can find your mailadress. Sorry, I am not able then to reply. Like Joolz from Sweden. I want to answer your question, so please email me your emailadress.
I just discovered this is my 199 post !!!!!! So next post will be my 200th blogiversary.
I wish you all a nice day.
Saying for today:
Only when I became a mother
did I learn to be a daughter

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer project

Another hot (very hot) day. I am living in the shadows. I am not complaining because I enjoy the summer. But right now it is too hot to stay in the sun, so I sit on the shadow porch. And they say the warmth will continue.

Yesterday when I went to the quiltshop I discovered a new bundle of fabrics. Dark brown and turquoise. My favorite colours. There were many lovely fabrics, but these three came home with me. Together with a project my friend at the quilt shop and I started. We cut the first pieces yesterday and gave eachother some homework. Baste the front and back together and quilt the layers together. So that's what I did earlier today. Aren't these fabrics just lovely.
Later today, after the shop had closed, we met in the shop and continued on our project. Do you wonder what we are doing???? Wait and see LOL We cut the fabric and sewed it together. The shop is a chill place to be now when it's so hot outside. And we have big tables to work on. And we have everything handy in the shop if we need something.
Now I will continue on my ?????? LOL And I will show you tomorrow what it is!!!
Saying for today:
Summer's here and the time is
right for dancing in the street.
(Not me, but my DD have finished her last exam today and now she want to celebrate that school is soon to be over)

Monday, June 04, 2007

A great day!

I was expecting a visit from Hanne today and early today I cleaned the porch on both sides from all the yellow flowerdust. And as soon the quiltshop opened I was there waiting for her. Of course she had to visit our quiltshop and we had decided to start with that. Did she buy anything????? LOL Check out her blog and see. I guess she will tell you tomorrow. I will not gossip LOL

The sun was shining very hot and we stayed outside all day. First on the sun porch. But when it got too hot there we had to evacuate to the other side. I will not complain over the sun and the warmth because I enjoy it. But we wanted to sew and enjoy our coffee, so on to the other side with shadow. I love this side of the house. It's small, but I got my two chairs and my little table.

It's always nice to meet Hanne. She is a very dear friend with a lot of laughter and smiles. And we share the same passion..........stitchery. And guess what, I made her register for one of Leanne Beasleys classes when she comes to Norway to teach in october. Leanne is giving classes just one hour driving from where I live. If you look closely on the right side of Hanne you can see a big pile of patterns. (You don't see the other big pile down on the floor LOL) She looked through all my stitchery patterns and we agreed that this is a great hobby. I have started this BOM "Angel's sewing basket". And I got a lot done of my second block today. I have chosen to use fabrics from my newest purchases of japaneese fabrics. I decided to use them NOW, not later when they are outdated.
This is the first block I finished some days ago.
This has been a great day. Sun, warmth, coffee, strawberry and icecream, visit from a good friend, stitching and laughter.

A new book

When I came home from my visit in Oslo this weekend my new book that I had ordered had arrived. It is called as you see Quiltegleder (in english perhaps thetranslation will be "joy of quilting") It is the first book from Rie Norum og Hilde Aanerud Krogh. And this book is a treasure. So many quilts I want to make from this.

A little peak inside it...........
Don't you agree that there is a lot of beautiful quilts in this book?

NowI have to make some sandwiches and tea. My friend Hanne is soon coming for a visit. The sun is shining and I guess we'll spend some time on the porch chatting and sewing. Looking forward go see her again.
I have discovered something (Nadine told me). I sometimes have photos that can't be enlarged on my blog. Some does and some doesn't. When you upload photos on your blog and then move them around they will not be enlarged by clicking on them. You have to know the rank of the photos and upload them in that rank. As soon as you move them around they'll be "locked".
Saying for today:
Friends welcome, relatives by appointment
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