Monday, November 29, 2010

More on the baking cover pattern giveaway - a change of rules

Hanne and myself have learned over the last few days that the decorated baking covers seems to be mostly a Scandinavian tradition and that it is more common to use a regular tea towel in other parts of Europe and in other parts the world.

The more a reason to enter the giveaway! :-)

But - in order for you to do so we have to change the rules a bit, to fit reality:

1. You have to have a blog AND you have to be reachable by mail.
2. Tell us what you like the best to bake - bread or cakes
3. Make a blog post about baking if you will - it will make it fun for us to visit your blog

The deadline for the entries will still be Wednesday at 6 pm ( noon New York time)


I have finished the stitchery on my new baking cover, and this is the pattern you can win. And I was so lucky that I won a small bundle of lovely pink and brown fabrics on our quilt guild meeting last thursday. I am going to use these on the border around this baking cover.

You remember Bente stitching on her baking cover while visiting me this weekend. She finished it. This is also a great idea for you to make a baking cover for yourself. Just a piece of linen or soft cotton fabric like a tea towel with stitchery on.

and here is a stitchery pattern for a gingerbread man.

Or you can applique a muffin on it, free pattern here.

or just stitch a heart on to decorate it.

Saying for today:

A balanced diet
is a cookie in each hand

Sunday, November 28, 2010 sunday in advent

Today I lit the first candle in my advent decoration.

I am swapping advent calendar packages with Hanne, Bente and Nancy. We have four packages, one for each sunday in advent. Not only kids wants an advent calendar. It is so fun with these small packages and I really apricitate this tradition.

Hanne and Bente is visiting me this weekend and this sunday morning we was ready to open our first packages while eating breakfast.

It is so fun to open packages.

And this is what was in my packages today. From Bente I got colour cather (I really needed some now), from Hanne a tape measure in a cute box and a purple piece of fabric, from Nancy a lovely thimle from her trip to Texas and some embroidery needles. Thank you girls; I love it all :)

Saying for today is a Norwegian advent poem
which I have translated to english:

Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy
It stands there shining by itself
and we who present are
Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've made a MUG RUG

Now I too have a mug rug and I love it!!!!

I have seen mug rugs on several bogs, and they have all said it is addictive to make mug rugs. And yes it is.
So while making my own mug rug, I made three more. Some months ago when Hanne and I visited Bente we got some wonderful mugs, travelling mugs as Bente said it was. And I picked fabric that matched the mugs and made mug rugs for all of us. Bente and Hanne got theirs when they arrived here for our advent weekend.

Thursday was my quilt guilds meeting (will show you photos from the meeting later) and both Hanne and I brought our mug rugs with us. It is perfect for my mug, gingerbread cookies, chokolate and thread. Even useful to pin my needle there :) Did I mention I love my mug rug.

I guess you all remember the challenges between Hanne, Bente and I. Last time we met it was Hanne's turn to give us a challenge. And this is what we got. Two stripes of yellow fabric. and the text on the challenge was: A lot of light and warmth (lines from a Norwegian song).

And what did I make :)

A MUG RUG of course.
I told you they are addictive.
I have to make more.

Don't forget about the challenge/giveaway in my previous post.

Saying for today:

Because we can't call people
withouth wings angels,

we call them friends

(this is the saying on my mug)

Friday, November 26, 2010

More baking covers and a challenge/giveaway

This weekend Bente, Hanne and I have come together for our annual first sunday in advent meeting. And as a project we have chosen to stitch on new baking covers.

I have got a new wonderful box which I keep my stitchery in. Isn't it cute. As you see I have started on Northern Quilts new pattern for baking covers.

Bente had brought with her an 70 year old bakery cover she have inherited from a old lady Mrs Monsen. This is a white linen cover with a M embroidered on it. It is a lovely vintage bakery cover, so you see the thing with bakery covers is an old tradition.

I have refurnished my livingroom so that we have good light to stitch in. "Old" ladies need good light you know LOL A lot of coffee, gingerbread cookies and chocolate is a must.

Hanne have also started on her new baking cover. You have to visit her blog too to see what she is writing.
Bente have found a good position to sit while stitching on her new baking cover,

and she is stitching on some cute gingerbread men.

Now we have a challenge/giveaway for you:

You remember those three patterns from a previous post?
There will be three lucky ladies that will win one each.

And this is what Hanne and I want you to do.

Write a blogpost about your baking cover (s) and a nice story from baking. Then tell us about this in a comment both on this blogpost and on Hannes blogpost.

You have until wednesday des 1st at 6 PM Norwegian time (which is noon New York Time) to make a post and comment.

Wenche at Northern Quilts have sponsored these three patterns for a lovely baking cover.(Thank you Wenche :) The pattern is only in Norwegian, but you can have fun just stitching the buns and muffins and leave out the norwegian text on it or stitch your own saying about baking. A piece of cake.

And three lucky ladies will win one baking cover each.

Have fun :)

Saying for today:

Cookies are made
of butter and love.

Norwegian Proverb

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baking covers

Yesterday I had a baking day. I am preparing for the advent weekend with Bente (no blogger) and Hanne. It is always nice to serve warm rolls for breakfast.

While baking I found all my baking covers. I am not sure if that is the correct english name on it. In norway we call it bakeklede/baksteklede - bakeduk/baksteduk. I remember both my grandmother and my mother having these with embroidery on. So it is an old Norwegian tradition using embroidered baking covers.

The first one I will show you was a Christmas gift from a friend some years ago. On the baking cover it is embroidered the word Quiltebakst (quilters bakery).

This is another baking cover I received from a bloggerfriend in a swap. I like it very much because it is so big that it covers a lot of rolls while rising.

But this is the cover I love the most. It was a gift from my DD several years ago. She did the embroidery at school when she was about ten years old. And she gave it to me and I treasure it so much. It has been used so much that it starts to get worn out. My DD is now 22 years old so perhaps it is my turn to make her a baking cover for her. And I want to make a new one for myself too.

I have this pattern (oooops, it is three patterns on the table). It is a new pattern from Northern Quilts with a cute stitched baking cover. I am going to trace the stitchery now.

I know Hanne also is going to blog about her baking covers later this week.

And why is there three patterns on my table. Come back later this week and you'll know :)

Saying for today:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Quilt Show 2010

I have entered this quilt in SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show 2010. If you go there you can follow links to other blogs that have entered quilts in this Quilt Show.

I stitched this quilt some years ago, and it is always the first one that comes up on my walls when preparing for Christmas. I have hung it up today, preparing for Bente and Hannes visit next weekend. It was used as an adventcalendar to hang packages on in the original pattern, but I just love it this way.

I love the stitcheries in it. It is a design from Jordbærstedet (a norwegian shop that do not exist anymore), so I guess this pattern is not available anymore.

I am looking forward to Christmas and I always start decorating the first sunday in advent.

Saying for today:

Christmas is not as much about
opening our presents
as opening our hearts.
~Janice Maeditere

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Candles and wool

Today I went to Løten Lys (Løten candleshop). I was looking for purple candles for advent, but when I found these candles I just had to buy them. On each candle it is printed a advent verse, one for each sunday in advent. Have to find some decorations to put around them. Looking forward to next sunday to light the first one.

Today the mailman brought me some wool fabric that I ordered from Kathrines Quiltestue. One for me and one for Hanne, who is visiting me next weekend.

Saying for today:

The most wasted of all days
is the one without laughter.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A productive sunday

I had big plans spending all day in my sewingroom. I have a long list of Christmas presents I plan to make, and I better start doing it now with only 40 days to Christmas.

Frida cat enjoys me being in the sewingroom. She have her special place to sleep on the sewingtable, or she is sitting just staring out of the window. Think she loves the sound of the sewingmachine. But when I take a pause from my sewing and leave my chair, guess who is sleeping on my chair when I comes back :) The black spot on the chair is Frida cat.

I have had a very productive day in my sewingroom sewing on some tablerunners, tracing a lot of stitcheries and some small needleturn motifs. So now I have a lot to stitch on while watching tv.

Today LeKaQuilt became the 300th follower on my blog. And that deserves a little surprise from me. I have already got her mailadress and will post something in the next days. She has a lovely blog so please visit her.

Saying for today:

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Needleturn in Trysil

Today I have been giving my workshop in needleturn in Trysil. Went there yesterday to stay over with my friend Laila and we had a nice evening chatting and sewing.

I finished the other two Christmas baubles. Laila had bought some lovely wool fabric at Kathrines Quiltestue and she also made one for herself. Now I just have to order that wool fabric too, I want to sew more with wool :)

Today it was the needlturn workshop and I think the ladies enjoyed it. They got to try my favorite thread that I am using for sewing needleturn. And I think they all have put the Yli 100 silkthread on their Christmas wish list.

A lot of preparations done before sewing.

Some used my pattern and some started to sew on other things. But they all got a lot of tips how to build up a motif and how to do needleturn sewing. Needleturn is my favorite way of applique and it was so fun teaching the ladies to do it.

It was a great saturday together with 15 ladies :) Always fun to have a workshop in Trysil.

And winter has arrived. Look what was outside my apartment when I came home today. The boys next door had buildt a lovely snowman. It is so cute!!!!

Saying for today:

There's no man
like a snowman

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