Sunday, May 31, 2015

May meeting in my quilt guild

 Thursday was the last quilt meeting day before we take summer holiday and meet up again in august.  Kathrine and Nina from Kathrines Quiltestue had filled two cars with temptations and inspiration.  I do not understand that they manage to fill their cars with all that came up on the tables.

 As usual we have delicious food at this summer meeting.

And we were over 40 ladies coming together this evening.

And then there was time to shop !!

The next photos shows all the goodies the quiltshop had brought with them:

Kathrine showed us a lot of quilts. The quilts are either from a BOM or from books and patterns she has in the shop.  Loads of inspiration to get here: 

Show and tell. 
Not many of our guild members had brought something to show this evening.  But here it is:

And yes!!!!  With all these temptations there had to be some shopping.

Saying for today:

Monday, May 25, 2015

A finish !!


Finally a finish.  Today I machine quilted this pillow and sewed it together.  Just have to buy a inner pillow and then I can place it in my sofa.  I really need some new pillows there, so I think I have to start another pillow (or several more) soon.  Some time since I did some machine quilting, and i really need to practise some more.  But it was fun to machine quilt again. I have some (a lot of) ufo’s that need to be finished, so I have a lot to practise on.

Saying for today:


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Progress on my Raspberry Parleour quilt



My focus has the last weeks been on my Raspberry Parleour quilt. I finished all the blocks and started to sew it together.


This weekend has been rainy and it has been nice sewing weather.


And my quilt started to grow together.


And today I finished sewing all the blocks together.


When going to cut out the fabric for the last border, somone has claimed the fabric for his.

Think he wanted some cuddle time now, not be just being in the sewing room all day long.  So the last border has to wait until tomorrow.

Saying for today:


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