Thursday, November 29, 2007

November quiltmeeting

Woke up to snow this morning...............a lot of snow. And it have snowed all day. Pretty and white, but this is enough. But they expect more snow this weekend.
Today was the last quiltmeeting for this year. And one of our challenges this season have been a piece of fabric. The ladies that wanted to join the challenge got a 1/4 of a 30 cm fabric. And this piece of fabric was to be included in a projects. Below you can see the projects that was made.
I had made the two pincushions on the chair and the little click lock purse hanging above. And then there was time for show and tell. Enjoy the photos.

A lot of beautiful projects, don't you agree.
When we arrive the quiltmeeting we have to leave a secret santa present in a basket. And at the end of the meeting everyone have to pick a present out of the basket.
I was so lucky today :) I got this lovely stitchery book. Perfect for me :)
I have to show you another book I received in the mail today. It was from the author of the book herself :) She wanted to give me a little surprise because she wanted to use my pincushion tutorial at her quiltgroup and I had said it was ok. I had no idea she would send me this book. I love it!! I have for a long time wanted to try this method on big quilts that are difficult to quilt in one piece in my sewingmachine. So thank you Carolyn, this was a lovely book.
Saying for today:
Life is like a blanket of snow
be careful how you step on it
every step will show

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hexagon quilt

Yesterday I was at the hospital again for a check on my shoulder. I feel I'm doing so much better now and was ready to start working a little again. But no, the doc did not allow me to do that. Working at the office by the computer is not good for the slow progress I'm having now. He tells me to use my shoulder careful so it won't get frozen again. This is nothing I can exercise away, just let the time fix it. My physiolady did some more acupuncture on me today, and I feel that it is helping. She also tells me to be patient. And she allows me to sew a little as long as it gives me no pain. I'm very very careful now because I want to go back to work.

My present for XXXXXXXX in the SSCS is ready to be posted. I have not added "explosive smarties" because I do not want this one to be delayed in the mail. I hope this package will travel safe and fast to XXXXX.

Yesterday I visited my friend Irene and we continued working on our hexagon quilts. We have been a great team on these quilts. Since I can't rotarycut because of my shoulder my friend did the cutting. And I did the sewing on my quilt and she on hers. We started working on them at her cabin last week, and yesterday we added the outer border and basted it.

And now it's in my sewingmachine being quilted.
I want to do a simple quilting on this because I have no strenght in my arm to do any fancy quilting. So I only quilt in the ditch between the hexagons. Quilt for ten minutes and then rest a long time. Perhaps I manage do finish the quilting for tomorrows quilt meeting and bring it for show and tell (without the binding LOL, that have to wait) I promise to bring my camera and I hope the other girls have something to show.
Saying for today:
A kind word is never wasted

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A quilt, a nice weekend and one advice to SSCS

When I came home from my trip to the cabin on wednesday the postman had delivered a big package for me. It was the quilt I won from Crazy Mom Quilts blog some time ago. I'm so happy to receive this. It is beutiful made and the colours is just ME. One fun thing is that when I took a good look at it, I could not find any fabric that have been in my stash. I placed it in my sewing chair and Frida jumped imidiately up in it .

Hmmmmm.....what is this.........something new??? does it feel to lie down on it..............

Lovely..........the quilt is approved!!!!!
Thank you Amandajean.......Both Frida and I love the quilt!!

Thursday morning I woke up very early go take the bus to visit my friend Hanne. We had a great day together sewing, chatting, laughing and looking through her patterns. Like me she has a lot of stitchery ptterns. I guess we have enough projects for several (read: hundreds) of years. Here is a photo of her together with a beautiful table runner she showed me.
I've been in Oslo all weekend. Visiting my boyfriend and my DS and his girlfriend. On saturday we had a romantic dinner before going in the the theatre.
Today we went for a walk at Akershus festning (Akershus fortress)
It's in the middle of Oslo and has a great view.
The view out on Oslofjorden.
And the next photos below is from the fortress.

Today when I came home there was a BIG surprise in the mailbox. The long lost envelope from australia had arrived. Together with the new envelope from Leanne (The stitching room). Long time ago, I guess a month or so, Leanne posted a Homespun stitchery magazine for me. And that envelope got lost on it's way. I belived some nice mailman had found it and that he had confiscate the magazine because he wanted to stitch some of the projects. Meanwhile Leanne offered to post a new magazine. And today when I came home from Oslo both envelopes was in my mailbox.
On the long lost envelope it was a label saying: "Delayed for compliance with aviation security regulations". I guess the customs have confiscated the envelope because it was making such strange noises. They had opened the envelope, and they also had opened the little box of Smarties chocolate LOL Did they think it was something dangerous LOL
So one advice to all you Secret Santas who are going to post the christmaspresents very soon. To avoid any delay of the presents, be sure you do not post anything "dangerous".
So now I got two Homespun Stitchery Classics, a nice stitchery pattern and some Smarties chocolate (did the customs taste it too LOL)

Beter hurry up making presents now

Saying for today:
When you stop believing in Santa Claus
you get underwear for Christmas

Fairy name

Your fairy is called Columbine Goblinshimmer
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in mushroom fields and quiet meadows.
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.
She wears lilac and purple like columbine flowers.
She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

(I could not find a photo of my fairy, but this was almost similar to what my fairy looks like)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pyjamas and quilting.

Sunday morning I packed my bags, sewingmachine and chocolate in the car and drove up to my friend Irenes cabin. My boyfriend asked if I were moving. He thought I had packed too many bags LOL But when you are going away for several days just sewing, you have to have enough projects with you (read: too many projects).

We did not only sew these days. Had to get some fresh air too. As you see we recently got some snow and the air was fresh and cold. So nice to go for a little walk with the dog.

Look how beautiful the nature is when it is covered with snow.
After a long walk it was nice to come inside and sit by the fire.

It's no water in the cabin and we had to go and get it in a well.

But the cabin had electricity so we had brought our sewingmachines and a lot of flannel fabrics which we intended to sew a slumber quilt of. We had already rotarycut all the fabric so everything was ready to sew.

Not so much working space so we had to use the beds to plan the hexagons.
Here is Irene working on her quilt

and here is my hexagons.

We have used the Sara Nephew Clearview Triangle to cut the pieces for this hexagons. And we sew the pices together row by row. It was fast and fun to sew it. I was thinking a little about showing how we did this as a tutorial. Do anyone want me to do that??This is how far we manage to sew this slumberquilt. I think I want to add a few more rows, but we had no more fabric at the cabin. Every piece we had was used. The colours on this photo is sooooo bad, but you can see the colours in another photo above. Have not decided yet what colour to have around the quilt, but I'm thinking about a green florish or perhaps the dark red one...........or perhaps both.

I always bring a little project we can do together. This time it was a little wool etui. The pattern was in the nov/dec issue of Quiltmaker. I had no "real" felted wool but this was a ok substitute. We started almost at midnight when we had decided to go to sleep. I seem to have a habit starting on new projects when I'm supposed to go to sleep (I guess you have read that in a previous post too LOL) But this one was a fun and fast project to make.

And here is mine (to the right) and Irenes (to the left) .

And this is how they look unfolded

And this is how they look inside.

We had some great sewingdays together. Staying up late sewing and playing cards games. Some redwine in front of the fireplace. Waking up in the morning and more sewing in our pyjamas. The pyjamas stayed on long time, but we changed to dinner LOL
Saying for today:
A friend is someone you can trade
secrets with and never worry.

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