Monday, August 20, 2012

It’s pink


My new computer is pink.  I love it.  And Rusken has to check it out.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not as planned :)


The project I started yesterday was going to be the travel document holder from Anni Downs book  Some Kind of Wonderful.  But then I came across this tutorial and my head started to spin.


And today it ended up like this.  A two zippered pouch….


that can keep my passport and travel documents.  I am really happy with the way it turned out, altough I know there will be a few changes if I make another one. 

Which I know I will, because I love this two zippered pouch and I think it would be perfect as a project bag if I make it bigger so it can store my embroidery hoop.  Note to myself; have to buy more zippers.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What to do on a rainy day??


Start sewing a travel document holder and dreaming of the sun and a warm sandy beach.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Market, new shop and buttons

The days just goes so fast and I have been so busy.  So here is a little summary since last blogpost.



We had a lot of fun at the market.  A lot of visitiors in our booth and we sold a lot.  Had perhaps wished for more to be sold, but I am pleased.  Of course we had brought sewing with us, and there was a lot of people coming up to us to talk and see what we were doing.


I stitched on my Scandinavian Christmas and now I have finished all the big blocks and have started to stitch on the small snowflake blocks.

New shop


Monday I visited Hanne.  So nice to stay over at her place when I am at work in that area.  Just a few minutes from her place a new quiltshop has opened (Hanne has more photos from the shop in this post).  And luckily Marianne at Trådsnella waited for Hanne and me after her closing time to let us do some shopping. 



A beautiful shop with my kind of fabric lines.  Know I will be visiting this shop again.


This time I bought these wonderful fabrics. 



Some time ago I won a giveaway over at Yvonne W Design.  And last week this pattern arrived in my mailbox.  I love this Christmas cushion and hope I manage to sew it for this Christmas.

WOW……….only 4 months to Christmas!!!!!!!!!

I had to wait blogging this because Yvonne had been so nice to add extra buttons for Hanne so she also can make this cushion, as well as…………


two amazing handpainted brooches as a extra gift.  One for me and one for Hanne.  So I had to keep it a secret until I had visited Hanne.  Hard to choose which brooche to give to her and which one I should keep, so I put both in evelopes and then Hannes husband gave one envelope to me and one to Hanne.  I got the house and I am so happy with it.  Thank you Yvonne.  I love the pattern and I love the brooche.

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Time to vote


Now it is time to vote for your favorite cat in category
“Cat on Quilt”


Visit this post at Lily Pad Quilting and give your vote.

And I hope you vote for Rusken.  He is # 65.

Purr Purr to all of you from Rusken.

At the market


This morning we organized our booth at the market.  A small both and a lot of things, but I think we managed it to look good. 

The “scarf” at the top is a 50 yard long scarf that was hung from one booth to another (not made by us)



Think we have a lot of interest for everybody.  This day has been quiet, but that was normal we was told, and saturday the best day with the most visitors. 

It has been fun being there today.  A lot of people have visited our booth to check out our things.  And I have done some sewing while sitting there. 


Saying for today:553566_430594496979105_787055712_n

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I love sewing zippers


Some time ago I hated to sew zippers, but now I have found my way to do it, and it is a piece of cake to do it. 


Nine zipper purses ready to go to the market that starts on thursday morning. Think this was the last finishes, because now it is time to put prizetags on and write the inventory list. 

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Just had to share this photo I found on facebook.I think Rusken will take medals in curling, high jump and hop, skip and jump.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Because I love Stitchery :) book update

I want you to visit Hannes blog and read her post about this. And then come back and read mine. 


As Hanne have showed her books by Lynette Anderson, I too want to show my collection of her books.  Which I love very much. I have almost all of her books and I know that now whenLynette is going to bring our request about full scaled pattern in her books to the publisher, I will continue to buy her books. 


Because I love her design.  As you can see I have several ongoing projects,  and patterns that I have already bought fabrics for.


And I have a big folder where I have organized the pattern I have bought from her. 


Lynette has received some unpleasant emails because my previous posts.  That was not the intention at all, and I am embarrased on your behalf if you have felt free to flame Lynette because of a blogpost I wrote.  Lynette is such a sweet lady and one of my favorite designers. 

It was the publisher we wanted to reach, and I have written an email to them to tell what we quilters want. 

Did you read Hannes blogpost about this.  If not go here and read.
I can sign up for what she has written.


This evening I will relax in front of the tv and do some cross stitches on the fourth block on the Scandinavian Christas Quilt.  Design…..Lynette Anderson.

And please, as the generous people I know you are, send Lynette a big hug! 

Saying for today:

A hug is worth a thousand words.
A friend is worth more.

Just playing with blue fabric


Think I have to start collecting bluegrey fabrics.  I love these and I have just a little bit left of these.  And they are so hard to find.

Saying for today:

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true.
Lyman Frank Baum

Saturday, August 04, 2012

I love my books, but…….

Most of the blog post is removed by me because someone used it as an excuse to flame a designer I hold dear.
The post had frustrations about some books in it, but the frustration was not directed at the designs and the designers as persons, but at the publishing part.

The issue is being addressed on a higher level now - and all will be good in the future.

I also removed all the comments, not for not agreeing in what my friends wrote, but for not to fuel anyone out to flame others.
I hope you understand!


I love my books, and I have a lot of them. These books are my favorites at the moment, but I have several others in another bookshelf. It is so inspiring to have these books, and there is so much I want to make.



When I get new books I wants to start sewing at once. Like these two books. I love The Red Home by Natalie Bird and The Simple Life by Anni Downs.


So I could start stitching at once, and that gives results,


Happy stitching saturday
to everyone.

Friday, August 03, 2012

The 2012 Pets on quilts show - Cat on quilt

Lily Pad Quilting is hosting the 2012 Pets on quilts show. And of course I have to enter some photos of my little quilt inspector Rusken. I guess you have seen all these photos before on my blog, and there is also many many more of him on my blog.

He was a Christmasgift from my children to me two years ago. And sept.15th is his birthday and he will be two years old. As a kitten he loved to inspect my quilts, and he still does.

Cats + quilts = happiness.

I guess this is one of my favorite photos. Rusken loves to join me in the sewing room. And I guess the buzzing from the sewingmacine makes him very sleepy. As this time when he fell asleep on these blocks that had a lot of pins. And he did not wake up when I picked one after one block, so I manage to sew all blocks while he was sleeping.

And he is a real quilt inspector that superivise all my sewing.

And he finds a place to sleep everywhere.

And all cats need to have a lot of quilts to sleep on.

If you visit Lily Pad Quilting blog you can see all the entries for the Pets on quilts show. And next weekend you can vote, and there will be a lot of prizes.

Saying for today:

Purring is an automatic safety valve device
for dealing with happiness overflow.
- Anonymous

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Still sewing


Still sewing more zippered purses.  What else is there to do when the rain is pouring down. 


And I got two new books today.  Lovely projects in both, but I am very disapointed to read that almost all the patterns in the book  have to be enlarged about 200%.  That means that you have to be near a copymachine before you can start stitching.  My opinion is that all patterns should come in the right size.  Not everyone has the oportunity to get the pattern enlarged.  Luckily I do……. at work.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chaos :)


Just one week until we are going to rig our booth at the marked.  Four of us had a meeting  today discussing prices and how to arrange the booth. 

As you see from the photos below I think that we together have a lot of things to sell.  Just hoping that someone will buy.


Setting the price is always difficult, but we have discussed it well and I think both we and the customers will be satisfied.  There is a lot of beautiful things we are going to sell.

There will be more photos when the booth is rigged next thursday. 

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