Thursday, August 31, 2006

My quiltgroup had meeting today

My fourth posting to the blog today. I am a blogmaniac LOL

The last thursday in the month my quiltgroup has meeting. Today we were over 40 ladies there. My group have over 100 members. Most of the members do handstitching and handquilting. I can say that our quiltgroup is "famous" in that. But of course they use the sewingmachine. Some handquilt and some machinquilt. We are a lovely group of quiltladies. And below some photos of what the ladies had on "show and tell" today.
Linda asked me if quilting is "big" in Norway and the other Scandavian countries. Yes indeed. The Norwegian Quilt Association have almost 3200 members. And remember that very many quilters are not a member of this group, but have joined just smaller local groups or just sew for themselves. Every year we have our annual meeting with a lot of classes, lectures, shops, competitions aso. And every third year we have a scandinavian meeting between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. And now Iceland have also joined this group.

Some of the ladies gathered around the table looking at somthing interesting.

Several ladies in our group have made Baltimor albums. This is one of them.

A lovely basketquilt has come home after getting quilted.

A beutiful bedcover.

One of my friends have designed this patterns and are going to give a application class this autumn

Several of are sewing on Jinny Beyers "Trip around the world". Me included. Another of my UFO's.

This is a new BOM in our quiltshop. I love it. I have told myself not to start another BOM, but...

And I managed to finish the binding of one of my ufo's. I was bringing all my hearts from the CoH swapping and all the laces I got, and my CQ books. Think there was some ladies who would like to start on CQ. But I cannot forget my traditional quilts. Have to get less crazy and do something with my ufo and other ideas as well. But tomorrow I am going totaly crazy visiting my CQfriend.

Good night everybody

Girlfriend and sister's week

Girlfriend and Sister's Week
I am only as strong as the coffee I drink, the hairspray I use and the friends I have.
To the cool women that have touched my life. Here's to you
National Girlfriends DayWhat would most of us do without our sisters, confidants and shopping, lunching, and travelling girls? Let's celebrate each other for each other's sake! TO MY GIRLFRIENDS!If you get this twice you know you have more than one girlfriend. Be Happy! PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ALL OF YOUR GIRLFRIENDS AND RETURN IT TO THE FRIEND WHO SENT IT TO YOU!

It is good to be a woman:

1. We got off the Titanic first.

2. We can scare male bosses with the mysterious gynaecological disorder excuses.

3 Taxis stop for us.

4. We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing.

5. No fashion faux pas we make, could ever rival the Speedo.

6. We don't have to pass gas to amuse ourselves.

7. If we forget to shave, no one has to know.

8. We can congratulate our team-mate without ever touching her rear end.

9. We never have to reach down every so often to make sure our privates are still there.

10. We have the ability to dress ourselves.

11. We can talk to the opposite sex without having to picture them naked

12. If we marry someone 20 years younger, we are aware that we will look like an idiot.

13. We will never regret piercing our ears

14. There are times when chocolate really can solve all your problems.

15. We can make comments about how silly men are in their presence because they
aren't listening anyway.
Send this to all the bright women you know and make their day!!!!!

Surprise in the mail....again

I am so getting spoiled. When I got my mail yesterday I found a big envelope from Pat. I had already recived the heart I had swapped with her, so I could not understand what this could be. I rushed inside and opened it. WOW.....Pat, you are so crazy LOL. There was a huge pile of laces. Beautiful laces. Old croche laces, cream and white laces, black laces, beads, buttons aso. How can you do things like this. Sending me such lovely goodies. You hardly know me. My DD laughed at me when I was sitting there with tears in my eyes and my mouth wide open. She said: "How can anyone do such things?" Pat can I answered. I cannot tell you how much I appriciate this. And you understand how happy I am when you take a loo at all the goodies I got. I am still breathless. When looking through all the goodies yeasterday I thought, there was perhaps some old lady in USA who had crochet these laces, another lace had perhaps been a sleeve on a nice dress. The history behind some of the laces. That is why I now are so fond of CQ. We can put so much history in our crazy quilts. Use old buttons, laces, memorys from past. Please visit Pat's website. She has so much lovely things to show.

Jeg begynner å bli så bortskjemt. Når jeg hentet posten i går så fant jeg en stor konvolutt fra Pat. Jeg hadde jo allrede mottatt hjertet jeg hadde byttet fra henne, så jeg kunne ikke skjønne hva dette skulle være. Jeg skyndte meg inn og åpnet. WOW....Pat du er helt gal LOL Det var en stor haug med blonder som dukket opp. Vakre blonder. Gamle heklede blonder, krem og hvite blonder, sorte blonder, perler, knapper osv. Hvordan kan du finne på gjøre slike tig. Sende meg slike godsaker. Du kjenner meg jo knapt. Min kjære datter lo av meg der jeg satt med tårer i øynene og vidåpen munn. Og hun sa: " hvordan kan noen finne på å gjøre slike ting" Og jeg svarte, Pat kan. Jeg kan ikke beskrive hvor mye jeg setter pris på dette. Og jeg er så lykkelig når jeg ser på alle godsakene jeg har fått. Jeg er målløs. Når jeg så igjennom alle blondene i går så tenkte jeg, denne har kanskje en gammel dame i USA heklet, en annen blonde hadde nok vært på en arm til en nydelig kjole. Historikken bak noen av blondene. Og det er en av grunnene til hvorfor jeg er så glad i CQ. Det er så mye historie vi kan putte inn i våre crazy quilter. Gamle knapper, blonder og andre minner fra fortiden. Du burde besøke Pat's hjemmeside. Hun har så mange varkre ting å vise fram der.

Pat, thank you so very much. LOVE YOU.

When I started to blog I had not used my digital camera so very much. But now I do. And it is fun. I bring my camera everywhere and I had to make it a cover to protect it.

Når jeg startet å blogge hadde jeg brukt mitt digetale kamera svært lite. Men nå bruker jeg det. Og det er gøy. Jeg tar med kameraet overalt og da måtte jeg jo ha et trekk til det for å beskytte det.


This morning has been very foggy and its getting colder. The autumn is here. I love the colours the autumn brings. Red, green, brown, yellow.......its all my colours.
On my way to work I had to stop and take some photos. Aren't they beautiful. The spiderweb is lovely. Although I hate spiders. And the spider had been very busy tonight because the forest was covered with spiederwebs all over. And the fog had covered it so it was very visible. Perhaps its a spider year now. Yeak..... I only like spiders on my CQ.

I morres var det veldig tåkete og det begynner å bli kaldere. Høsten er her. Jeg elsker høstens farger. Rødt, grønt, brunt, gult......det er mine farger. På vei til jobb måtte jeg stoppe å ta noen bilder. Er de ikke flotte. Spindelvevet er nydelig. Selv om jeg hater edderkopper. Og edderkoppene må ha jobbet flittig i natt fordi skogen var dekket med spindelvev overalt. Og tåka hadde lagt seg over de så de var svært synlige. Kanskje det er et edderkoppår. Yeak..... Jeg liker edderkopper kun på CQ.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The blog is not uploading all the photos I want under one title so I had to create another one.

I have also received a beautiful heart from Maureen. I love it.

When I got the heart from Pat there was some extras. Among it was a piece of fabric with a gypsy girl on it. My DD wanted to draw her before I sewed her into something and here is her drawing. I am proud of my DD

This RR came to me today. It is Synnøve who is the owner on it. Now it is my turn to do my work on it. I see that there is a free spot for me up in the right corner, all down in the middle and down in the left corner. What to do I do not know now, but I get so much inspiration from other blogs that I do not think I will have any problem finding somthing to sew.

Below is some closeups of the work done earlier. I am the last one of this RR, so soon it will return home to Synnøve.

I wonder what the mailbox will bring me tomorrow :) I am a bit spoiled now.


It has been so wonderful going to the mailbox for two days. The mailbox has been overloaded with goodies. Let's take a look of what I have received:

Four baggies of embellishment from "Heavenly embellishment". I was so excited when I opened was much goodies for my CQ. I know for sure that I am going to order some more from them. Already agreed with a friend to send a new order this weekend LOL Why is it so difficult to get stuff like this in Norway. Or perhaps I have been looking at the wrong places.

The pink goodies

The light blue goodies

The light green goodies

The white/creame goodies

I received a beutiful heart from Pat.

Susan made this georgius heart. I love the ribbon with pearls.

Nina made this beautiful heart. Look at those tiny roses made of silkribons.

Kathleen made this. I love sunflowers.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mystery is solved and new hearts made

I found out who my mystery friend from yesterday was. It was Sølvi who had mailed me all those lovely laces and ribbons. And she tells me that her mother have made some of them. And that is very special. I have already used some of the laces I got to embellish some new hearts . I enjoy sewing these hearts although I am going to swapp them away. But I know I will get som other wonderful hearts in return. I studyed my new book I bought yesterday and tryed to make a ladybug And I think they turned out very well. And they was easy to make. I'll show you a closeup of the ladybugs if you want to try to make one yourself. The ladybug is made of red silkribbon 7mm and brown thread.

Jeg fant ut hvem min mystiske venn fra i går var. Det var Sølvi som hadde sendt meg alle de nydelige blondene og knappene. Og hun forteller meg at hennes mor faktisk har laget noen av nuperellene. Jeg har allerede brukt noen av blondene jeg fikk til å dekorere noen nye hjerter. Jeg synes det er morro å sy disse hjertene selv om jeg skal bytte de bort. Men jeg vet at jeg vil få noen fine tilbake fra andre. Jeg studerte min nye bok i går og prøvde å lage marihøner. Og jeg synes de ikke ble så aller verst. Og de var lette å lage. Jeg viser et nærbilde av marihønene hvis du har lyst til å lage noen selv. Marihøna er laget av rødt silkebånd 7mm og brunt moulinegarn

The ladybug heart

With a close up of the ladybugs.

The red and white heart

And the blue and white heart.

And the winner is.......

My DD picked the winner among they who had been so kind to answer my question about why they blog. So please Libby, send me your adress and a little surprise will come in the mailbox for you as I promised. I got so many comments on this question and I have enjoyed reading them all. And they will be a great help in writing my article about blogging. The one thing everyone mentions is the friendship between us . Even if we live far away from each other we can participate in others daily life, the quilting, happiness and rough times. We share thoughts and ideas. When we aske for advices we always get answers. And several mentions that on our blogs there are no rules. We can write whatever we wants. The blog is mine and I decide what to write about and show the pictures I want.Conclusion is that there is no negativ sides in blogging. Although it takes some time in front of the computer, everyone agrees that they get more done now. I will now start to write this article and I appriciate all the help I have got.
Libby ble vinneren. Min kjære datter plukket ut en vinner blandt alle som hadde svart meg på mitt spørsmål om hvorfor de blogger. Så kjære Libby, vær snill og send meg adressen din og jeg vil sende en liten overraskelse til deg som jeg lovet. Jeg fikk så mang kommentarer på dette spørsmålet og jeg koste meg med å lese alle. Og svarene vil være til stor hjelp når jeg skal skrive artikkelen min om blogging. En ting som alle nevner er vennskapet mellom oss alle. Selv om vi bor langt fra hverandre deltar vi i hverandres daglige liv, quiltingen, glede og sorger. Vi deler tanker og ideer. Og når vi spør om råd så får vi svar. Og mange nevner at på blogging er det ingen regler. Vi kan skrive akkurat det vi selv vil. Bloggen er min og jeg kan skrive det jeg vil og vise de bildene jeg selv bestemmer. Konklusjonen er at det ikke er noen negative sider med blogging. Selv om det tar noe tid å blogge så får man faktisk får gjort mye mer sying nå. Jeg skal nå sette i gang å skrive artikkelen min og jeg takker for all hjelp jeg har fått.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A mailbox surprise - a mystery - and a new book

Today when i got my mail in the mailbox there was a big envelope. I did expect a order from australia and some swapped hearts, but this was neither of them. When I opened the envelope there was a lot of laces and buttons. From whom.....I do not know!!!!! On the post-it that followed says it (in Norwegian, so she has to be here from Norway): "Hi May Britt, a little mailbox surprise fore you. Hope you can use it in some of your crazyquilts. Hug from So...... " And I can't read what it is. This is a mystery. Who are you that have been so kind sending me all this lovely things????? If you read this please let me know, I want to thank you. This made my day!!!! I love it, I love it.

I dag når jeg gikk i postkassa lå det en stor konvolutt der. Jeg ventet på en bestilling fra australia og noen byttehjerter, men det var ingen av delene. Når jeg åpnet konvolutten var det en haug med blonder og knapper. Fra hvem.....jeg vet ikke!!!!! På post-it lappen som lå med står det (på norsk, så hun må være i fra Norge): "Hei May Britt, en liten postkaseglede til deg. Håper du kan bruke noe av dette i crazy quiltene dine. Klem fra So....." Og så klarer jeg ikke å tyde navnet. Dette er et mysterium. Hvem er du som har vært så snill å sende meg alle disse godsakene???? Hvis du leser dette så vær så snill å si i fra hvem du er, jeg vil takke deg. Denne overraskelsen gjorde dette til en fin dag!!!! Tusen tusen takk.

And take a look at all the lovely buttons. WOW !!!!!! And if anyone recognize the signature!!!!

Og se på alle de vakre knappene. WOW !!!!!! Og hvis noen kjenner igjen signaturen!!!!!

I rushed down to the quiltshop to share my surprise with my friend who works there. She is also hocked on CQ. Did she envy me LOL. And my visit to the shop resulted in me buying a new book. A japaneese one with a lot of explaining how to play with silkribbon.

Jeg skyndte meg ned på quiltebutikken for å vise fram overraskelsen til min venninne som jobber der. Hun er hekta på CQ hun også. Var hun misunnelig...hehe. Og mitt besøk på butikken resulterte i ei ny bok. En japansk en med masse forklaringer på hvordan man lager ting med silkebånd.

Now I will bring the surprise and book out on the porch to study it closer. The weather is warm and I will enjoy perhaps one of the last warm days this summer. The autumn is close.

Nå skal jeg ta med meg overraskelsen og boka ut på verdandaen for å studere de nærmere. Det er ganske varmt ute og jeg vil nyte kanskje en av de siste varme dagene i sommer. Høster nærmer seg.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Quality time with my DD

This evening me and my DD has spent time together by the kithcen table. Me blogging and she drawing. My DD is 18 years old and love drawing. She is very talented. She comments to me; mother you are becoming a computernerd . She is laughing at me because she thinks I am sitting in front of the computer all the time. But I do get time to sew also. I appriciate this time together. Us sitting together, talking and laughing together.

I kveld har jeg og min datter sittet sammen ved kjøkkenbordet. Jeg har blogget og hun tegner. Hun er 18 år og elsker å tegne. Hun har virkelig talent for det synes jeg. Og hun kommenterer at jeg er blitt en datanerd. Hun ler av meg fordi hun tror at jeg sitter foran pc'n hele tiden. Men jeg får tid til å sy også. Jeg setter stor pris på denne tiden sammen. Oss to, sitte å prate og le sammen.

Why do I quilt?

Patti asked on her blog, why do you quilt. And I sat down and started to reflect on that.

Why do I quilt?

I have always been interested in fabric and making things of it. I remember my first attempt to "quilt". I think I my age was around four or five. My mother, who has always been making things with her hands, was sitting by her sewingmachine making a log cabin quilt. I sat under her sewingtable and I also wanted to do something. Without my mother knowing anything I found a very beautiful fabric. I remember it was white with red dots on it. And I grabbed a scissor and startet to cut. And I cut, and I cut. Then my mother discovered me and she did not know if she should laugh or cry. The fabric I was cutting in was her newest blouse that she had not used yet. I think this was my start on my quilt life.

Years did pass on and i got older. I have always loved doing things with my hands. I believe I have tryed almost everything. Knitting, crochet, embroidery, painting aso. When I got kids I made clothes for them. I made a little rucksack for my DS to bring his toys in the kindergarden and a little "quilt" for my DD. But then I did not know anything about batting and quilting.
I discovered this in -97. I got divorces and moved back to my birthplace. And there I discovered the quiltshop. And I was hocked. I joined a class and learned how to do handstitching and handquilting. Below a picture of my first quilt made in that class.

Why do I quilt. I love playing with fabric, colours, shapes and create things. It is teraphy to me. I feel good when I enter the sewingroom (although the room is a mess all the time). As someone is collecting stamps I am collecting fabric, patterns, thread and buttons. I love putting colours togheter so they match. Sometimes I make a quilt of it, sometimes I just play with it. I feel plesure in making a little gift to give away to my friends. Sometimes a big quilt, sometimes a little one. Now I am planning to make a lot of tablerunners for christmas gifts. One of the things I appreciate the most is all the new friends I have got. Not only in my own quiltgroupe but in the whole world. By using internet (and now blogging) I have met a lot of quilters all over the world. Friends I have never met in person, but I feel I know them wel.

I love my hobby and I am proud of it.

Some quotes thats explains what I feel:

Good friends are like fine quilts...they seem to age with you

A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart

Good friends are stitched together heart to heart

If I stitch fast enough does it count as an aerobic exercise?

In the crazy quilt of life, I'm glad you're in my block of friends


Patti spurte på sin blog, hvorfor quilter du? Og da satte jeg med ned og begynte å tenke litt over det.

Hvorfor quilter jeg?

Jeg har bestandig vært interessert i stoff og i å lage ting. Jeg husker mitt første forsøk på å "quilte". Jeg tror jeg var rundt fire fem år. Min mor, som alltid har drevet med håndarbeide, satt ved symaskina og skulle lage et log cabin teppe. Jeg satt under sybordet og jeg ville jo også lage noe. Uten at min mor visste noe fant jeg et veldig pent stoff. Jeg husker det var hvitt med røde prikker på. Og jeg fikk tak i en saks og startet å klippe. Og jeg klippet og klippet. Så oppdget min mor meg og hun visste ikke om hun skulle le eller gråte. For stoffet jeg sat og klippet i var hennes nyeste bluse som hun enda ikke hadde fått brukt. Og jeg tror at dette var starten på mitt quilteliv.

Tiden gikk og jeg ble eldre. Jeg har beastandig likt å lage ting. Jeg tror jeg har prøvd omtrent alt mulig. Stikking, hekling, brodering, maling osv. Når jeg fikk barn lagde jeg klær til dem. Jeg lagde en liten ryggsekk til min sønn som han kunne ha leker i når han skulle i barnehagen, og et vognteppe til min datter. Men den gang visste jeg ingenting om vattering og quilting. Jeg oppdaget dette i -97. Jeg ble skilt og flyttet hjem igjen. Og der oppdaget jeg quiltebutikken. Og da var det gjort. Jeg gikk på et kurs og lærte hvordan jeg skulle sy håndsøm og håndquilte. Langt oppe på siden finner du bilde av det aller føste teppet jeg sydde på kurset.
Hvorfor quilter jeg? Jeg elsker å leke med stoff, farger, former og å lage ting. Det er terapi for meg. Jeg har det godt når jeg kan gå inn på syrommet (selv om det er fryktelig rotete der noen ganger.....les alltid). Jeg samler stoffer mønster, tråd osv som andre samler frimerker. Og jeg elsker å sette sammenfarger. Noen ganger lager jeg noe av det, andre ganger leker jeg meg bare. Jeg liker å lage ting å gi bort i gaver. Noen ganger et stort teppe, andre ganger et lite bilde. Nå planlegger jeg å lage masse løpere i julegaver. En av de tingene jeg setter mest pris på er vel alle vennen jeg har fått. Ikke bare i min egen quiltegruppe men over hele verden. Ved å bruke internett (og nå blogging) har jeg møtt masse quiltere over hele verden. Venner som jeg ikke har møtt personlig, men jeg føler at jeg kjenner.

Jeg elsker min hobby og jeg er stolt av det.

Noen sitat som forklarer hva jeg føler . Jeg lar de stå på engelsk for de gir mest mening da.

Good friends are like fine quilts....they seem to age with you

A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart

If I stitch fast enough does it count as an aerobic exercise?

In the crazy quilt of life, I'm glad you're in my block of friends

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What do you think about blogging??

I have been asked to write an articel in the Norwegian Quilt Association magazine about blogging. I am a member of the board and now they are teasing me about my blogging since I am hocked on it LOL
I have just started my blog and find much joy in doing it. Although I gett less time to sew :) My DD commented yesterday that I sat more in front of my computer than the sewingmachine now. I have met a lot of new quiltingfriends, I see photos of their quilts, I get a lot of inspiration (maybe too much, since my head now is overfloaded with stuff I want to do), I get to see photos of a lot of beatiful places all over the world.

Why do you blog?
What is your experience of blogging?
Negative and positive sides of it?
Other comments?

I will appriciate if I get some comments on this. And I have planned that I will send a little surprise to one of you who answer me on this. I will pick one "winner" on sunday afternoon.

Jeg har blitt spurt om jeg kan skrive en liten artikkel om blogging i NQF sitt medlemsblad. jeg sitter i styret der og de erter meg litt fordi jeg er blitt hekta på blogging. Jeg har akkurat startet med det og jeg synes det er morsomt. Selv om jeg får mindre tid til å sy :) Min kjære datter kommenterte i går at jeg satt mer foran pc'n enn foran symaskina nå. Jeg har møtt mange nye quiltevenner, jeg får se bilder av deres tepper, jeg får masse inspirasjon (kanskje for mye, for nå flyter det over med ting jeg har lyst til å gjøre), jeg får se masse bilder av vakre steder rundt om iverden.

Hvorfor blogger du?
Hva er din erfaring med å blogge?
Negative og positive sider med deg?
Andre kommentarer?

Jeg vil sette pris på å få høre din mening. Og jeg har planlagt at jeg skal sende en liten overraskelse til en som svarer meg på dette. Jeg vil trekke en "vinner" på søndag kveld.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A new heart today

I have made this heart today. And below some details of my work on it.

Jeg har laget dette hjertet i dag. Og under er det noen detaljer av det jeg har gjort.

I started to make som small flowers by using lazy daisy stitces. And put a little bead in the middle.

Jeg startet med å lage noen små blomster av lazy daisy sting. Og satte en liten perle i midten.

Then I made a row of closed buttonhole stitches with a pearl in the end and some gold stitches.

Så lagde jeg en rad med lukkede knapphullssting med en perle på enden og noen små gullsting.

Then I made a row of flowers using lazy daisy stitches with som beads.

Og så lagde jeg en rekke med blomster av lazy daisy sting og noen paljetter.

To finish it I had to put this little brick which says "Made with love". And that's true. I love quilting.

For å avslutte det hele måtte jeg sy på brikken som sier "Made with love". Og det er sant. Jeg elsker å quilte.

I get a lot of inspiration from In a minute ago. Do you wonder how to do som stithes you can look it up in the stitch dictionary.

Jeg får masse inspirasjon fra In a minute ago. Lurer du på hvordan du skal lage noen sting kan du bare slå opp i stingleksikonet der.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A lavender heart for my door

After a hard days work it is relaxing to go into my sewingroom and just sew. And this is what i have done today. I had already stitched this lady after a pattern from Bronwyn Hayes (my favourite designer in stitchery). And I had plans making a heart of it.

Etter en lang dag på jobb er det godt å kunne gå på syrommet og slappe av med å sy. Og dette er hva jeg fikk gjort i kveld. Jeg hadde allerede sydd denne damen etter et mønster av Bronwyn Hayes (min favorittdesigner innen stitchery). Og jeg hadde tenkt å lage et hjerte av det.

I choose a romantic fabric on the backside. Stuffed it and put a little bag with lavender in it. I like the smell of lavender so much. And this is the result. A heart which will hang on my door in to my sewingroom.

Jeg valgte et romantisk stoff på baksiden. Fyllte det med vatt og puttet en liten pose med lavendel inni. Jeg elsker lukten av lavendel. Og slik ble resultatet. Et hjerte som henger på døra mi inn til syrommet mitt.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My weekend at the cabin.... part two

If you have not read part one first....please do that. The blog did not accept more photos on part one and I had to write part two LOL

Hvis du ikke har lest del en først....så gjør det. Bloggen ville ikke akseptere flere bilder på del en og jeg måtte skrive en del to ...hehe.


Up early sunday morning to sew before breakfast. I have still my pyjamas on. No time to loose.

Opp tidlig søndag morgen for å sy litt før frokost. Jeg har fremdeles på meg pysjen. Ingen tid å miste her nei.

Some of the other ladies with their work this weekend. Anne Britt with her bathing couple. And Kjerstin with her christmas curtain.

Noen av de andre damene med sitt arbeide denne helgen. Anne Britt med sitt strandbilde. Og Kjerstin med sin julegardin.

I made one heart for Susan in the ChainsofHearts group.

Jeg lagde et hjerte til Susan i ChainsofHearts gruppen.

And I organized some of my beads in a box.

Og jeg fikk sortert en del av perlene mine opp i en boks.

I managed to sew a lot og blocks in my lap quilt. And Frida seams to be very fond of it. Now I have to applicate the border around and quilt it.......sometime. I have decided to work on this quilt further on now.

Jeg klarte å sy mange blokker til slumreteppet mitt. Og Frida liker det visst veldig godt. Nå har jeg bare igjen å applikere på kanten rundt og quilte det.....en gang. Men jeg har bestemt meg for å fortsette på denne nå.

This was my weekend with good friends. We do this every year at the same time. I am already looking forward to next year.

Dette var min helg med gode venner. Vi har dette som tradisjon hvert år. Og jeg gleder meg allerede til neste år.

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