Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It has been so wonderful going to the mailbox for two days. The mailbox has been overloaded with goodies. Let's take a look of what I have received:

Four baggies of embellishment from "Heavenly embellishment". I was so excited when I opened them...........wow...........I was breathless..............so much goodies for my CQ. I know for sure that I am going to order some more from them. Already agreed with a friend to send a new order this weekend LOL Why is it so difficult to get stuff like this in Norway. Or perhaps I have been looking at the wrong places.

The pink goodies

The light blue goodies

The light green goodies

The white/creame goodies

I received a beutiful heart from Pat.

Susan made this georgius heart. I love the ribbon with pearls.

Nina made this beautiful heart. Look at those tiny roses made of silkribons.

Kathleen made this. I love sunflowers.


Sølvis blog said...

Difficult to get those goodies here in norway? well have you tried Sommer here in Trondheim. This country's oldest shop who is selling only things like ribbons, laces, buttons etc. (en såkalt possementforretning)
By the way- all the hearts are so lovely!

The Calico Cat said...

Where did you get those bags of goodies? I have an antique hankie that my great-grandmother crocheted a border onto that I would like to make into a wall hanging.... The baggie of light blue embellishments looked like they would go great with it! (I also have some other bits that she crocheted - like the border that wsa on a pillow case and a "table cover.")

Linda C said...

Those color groupings are lovely and just begging to be put into a crazy patch block of some sort!

Is quilting "big" in Norway and the other Scandavian countries? We in the US seem to think we have the lock on it but look at how many in Canada, the UK, Australia and Japan are doing such wonderful things. Same for you that are represented here in blogland!

Susan said...

Wow, indeed! Double wow. Two posts filled with scrumptious things! Okay, I guess, having seen yours, I'm going to have to give in and go to Heavenly Embellishments, too. =)

What a great postal haul, today! The hearts are wonderful, and that round robin is going to be such fun to add things.

Patti said...

Oh May, no wonder you are having so much fun opening your mail. What beautiful things you are receiving! Heavenly Embellishment looks like the perfect place for you ladies to shop. And what incredible workmanship and art on those hearts you are receiving! I'm so eager to see what you are going to do with them.

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