Thursday, August 31, 2006

My quiltgroup had meeting today

My fourth posting to the blog today. I am a blogmaniac LOL

The last thursday in the month my quiltgroup has meeting. Today we were over 40 ladies there. My group have over 100 members. Most of the members do handstitching and handquilting. I can say that our quiltgroup is "famous" in that. But of course they use the sewingmachine. Some handquilt and some machinquilt. We are a lovely group of quiltladies. And below some photos of what the ladies had on "show and tell" today.
Linda asked me if quilting is "big" in Norway and the other Scandavian countries. Yes indeed. The Norwegian Quilt Association have almost 3200 members. And remember that very many quilters are not a member of this group, but have joined just smaller local groups or just sew for themselves. Every year we have our annual meeting with a lot of classes, lectures, shops, competitions aso. And every third year we have a scandinavian meeting between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. And now Iceland have also joined this group.

Some of the ladies gathered around the table looking at somthing interesting.

Several ladies in our group have made Baltimor albums. This is one of them.

A lovely basketquilt has come home after getting quilted.

A beutiful bedcover.

One of my friends have designed this patterns and are going to give a application class this autumn

Several of are sewing on Jinny Beyers "Trip around the world". Me included. Another of my UFO's.

This is a new BOM in our quiltshop. I love it. I have told myself not to start another BOM, but...

And I managed to finish the binding of one of my ufo's. I was bringing all my hearts from the CoH swapping and all the laces I got, and my CQ books. Think there was some ladies who would like to start on CQ. But I cannot forget my traditional quilts. Have to get less crazy and do something with my ufo and other ideas as well. But tomorrow I am going totaly crazy visiting my CQfriend.

Good night everybody


Hedgehog said...

Show and Tell is so much fun - thanks for sharing yours with us. I like that BOM quilt, too.

Jenni said...

That looks like a great group to be part of. Lovely quilts, and you *are* going crazy with your blog! I am joining a local quilt group soon - the meeting is today but I can't go. I will go next month. I will be the 5th member. They are called the Offshore Quilters.

Patti said...

Oh, I love that last BOM you posted! I really want to do that one! I don't know how you can resist.

Thanks for all the pictures. I had the pleasure of meeting a quilter from Sweden last spring. She belongs to the Swedish guild and had several photo albums of their annual meeting and her quilts. It is obvious that quilting is big in Scandanavia!

My paternal grandmother, who died before I was born, was the quilter in the family. She came to the US on a boat from Sweden when she was just a young girl of 17 or 18. My mother is sure I got all of Grandma's quilting genes.

Linda C said...

Now that answered my question in a very lovely way!!

Julia said...

Beautiful quilts May Britt,
I do both, sane and crazy quilts, gives a nice balance!
I love the last BOM...

abeautifulcraft said...

Hello May, I had a lovely time just now doing a catch up on your blog and reading. Love your hearts and cannot wait to get mine .. the quilts are just gorgeous and don't you love the baggies from Viv and Mary!!! YUM!
The spiders webs were fascinating!

Susan said...

What a great show and tell. Thanks for sharing it with us! The ladies do beautiful work, you are right. I love those table runners. If you finished one UFO, you can start another one. =)

Hanne said...

How nice to see a Show and Tell from your guild :-)
A local hobby shop here says quilting is fading for knitting and scrapbooking.
What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

nice pictures and work.
But stating that quilting is big in Scandinavia is a "nice" whish and an overstatement. Hardly anyone in Scandinavia knows anything about quilting and the ratio 3 thousand: 4.6 million speaks for itself. Quilting is a hobby for a very few persons. We have a few relatively small quiltstores in Norway that compared to the quiltstores you will find in the US have a very few bolts of fabrics.

Libby said...

Thank you for sharing the photos. They are all so lovely. I just want to go sew now.

Micki said...

Thanks for showing all of these wonderful quilts.

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