Sunday, August 06, 2006

Do all quilters have cats????

After looking in to a lot of blogs this weekend I have discovered that most of the quilters have cats. Just a few of them owns a dog. Is that true?????????? A lot of quilters have cats as helpers. The cat helps us to organize fabric. The cat helps us to baste quilts. They are a great comfort and a good friend to us. Frida, my own little persian girl, is my quilting cat. She loves hanging around in my sewingroom. I have also had two abysinian earlier. I miss them so. Therefore my name Abyquilt. Aby= abysinian and then quilt.......Abyquilt. I love cats because they are so independent. Got their own meanings. I think I have been a cat in my earlier lifes.

Do you have a quilting cat?????

Etter å ha lest en del blogger denne helga har jeg oppdaget at de fleste quilter har katter. Bare et fåtall har hunder. Stemmer dette?????? Veldig mange quiltere har katter som hjelper til. De hjelper oss å rydde i stoffene våre. De hjelper oss å vattere tepper. De er til stor glede og er en god venn. Frida, min lille perserjente, er min quiltekatt. Hun elsker å være på syrommet mitt. Jeg har også tidligere hatt to abysinere. Og jeg savner de så. Derav kommer mitt navn Abyquilt. Aby = abysiner og så er det jo quilt ......Abyquilt. Jeg elsker katter for de er så uavhengige. De har sine egne meninger. Jeg tror jeg har vært en katt i et tidligere liv.

Har du en quiltekatt?????


Anonymous said...

Hello May,
I am a quilter (sometimes) but like to do all kinds of arts and crafts. I have two cats--little Phyllis and her mother, Andie. They love to sit on the clean new blocks I am working on and I am happy to allow them to. I do not have a blog but enjoy reading blogs like yours. Your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have been struck how not just quilters, but knitters have cats too. There is a webring for knitter bloggers who have cats! I wonder why?

You are lucky to have a cat helper - my mother in law has a cat who shreds balls of wool to pieces - but never helps. : )

Elizabet said...

Hi, I don't have a cat (yet!) but I do have a boyfriend and a housemate. both tame and housetrained. Do they count?
Lovely work. Are you in the Chain of Hearts? I noticed your lovely one.
your local fabric store looks lovely!
Thankyou for going to the bother of blogging both in English and Swedish (it is swedish isn't it?).

Anonymous said...

Katt er koselige dyr. De velger sitt hjem.

Flott blogg du har. Er dette en ny basille man kan bli bitt av??

Klem fra Nancy

The Calico Cat said...

Yes, I have two kitty helpers...

Anonymous said...

I don't have any pets - because they would be on their own indoors all day and I don't think that's fair to them.
But if I did I would have a cat. I've always loved them. I'm collecting cat's names for all the cats I'm going to have later in life :-)
Nice to have found another European quilter in the blogging world. Love your bags.

Anonymous said...

I have a cat, but not inside. I do have a quilting poodle who stays at my feet to keep them warm or in my lap for the same! She isn't too interested in my needlework, but she does keep me from getting carpal tunnel. I have to reach over and pet her on occasion and use my hand differently. LOL

Patti said...

I have a dog - no cat. I would love to have a cat, but my husband says "we are not cat people". What he means is he isn't a cat person. But that isn't true - he loves to play with our daughter's cat. Maybe someday . . . .

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