Sunday, May 25, 2008

Busy days

I took my DD to watch Indiana Jones on thursday.

And guess what......he's as brave, tough and goodlooking as he was over 27 years ago when the first Indiana Jones movie came. Remember going to see the first film in 1981. Loved all of them and this new film is also great.
Been painting just a little on friday and saturday because of the rain. But today the sun is shining and I know we have the BIG paitingday today. So I've been reading. I planned to save the Elm Creek books for my summervacation, but you know.................I could not stop reading when I first started, so I have only two books left now.

And I received one of my new ordered books in mail yesterday. Anne Pia Godske Rasmussens book "Hånd i hanke" (means: Hand in handle) I got all her previous books and this one is also great. A lot of projects I want to try. Even my DD looked at it and said she would try some of the projects in it.

I hope she will get more and more interested in quilting, but I do not want to push her. She is occupied with scool and photography, but when she's ready to learn I'll teach her. But she made this tablerunner all by herself this week. I've just told her some small details, like how to do the binding.

And I got the job sewing the binding down. As she said; this is so booooooring and if I continue doing this perhaps I'll never want to sew again! LOL LOL LOL And of course I took the job. And I could not have said no either, because earlier my mother took the job sewing down the bindings on my projects. So you see.............she's so alike me LOL LOL

I've made a new list of links in the sidebar. It's Norwegian quilt groups. They are all in norwegian, but you foreign readers can watch the photos and get inspired from them.

Now.......out painting!!!
Coffe and sweets out on the porch..........
if you come, please bring your paintbrush!!

Saying for today:

A woman has the last word in any argument...
Anything a man says after that
is the beginning of a new argument

Thursday, May 22, 2008

An award and a little bit stitching

Today I got this award for creative bloggers from Anne Ida. I really appriciate it. And thank you for the lovely words you said about me.

There are so many wonderful bloggers on my bloglines list and all of them are so talented and creative. But I want to give this award to somebody that really means a lot to me:

Hanne and Nancy because you both are such wonderful true friends who I can share all my thoughts with. You both inspire me so much with all your ideas and enthusiasme.

We've finished the first round of painting on the front side of the house. And we'll start on the other side today if the weather allows us. Having thunder and rain today it's more like a sewing weather than a painting weather. I've discovered muscles I didn't know I had. My hips and legs are hurting like h..... LOL LOL So when I came inside yesterday I installed myself with a glass of wine, a heat pillow on my hip and some stitching. And Lost on tv :) Abstinence cured by doing some applique on the hearts for my advent calendar.

And I've pulled some forgotten books out of my bookshelf. Yes yes yes ...........Hanne and Nancy............I will start to look at my EQ5. I know you both have the newest version of it and you both have been teasing me about this. You both know this is my bad (very bad) conscience. I promise I'll look at it now...................when I got time between painting and stitching LOL

I've ordered some books the last days. Had to have some summer goodies to look forward to and as a prize for all the hard work painting.

I've ordered Annie Downs new book "Simple Pleasures" and Rosalie Quinlans new book "Little chicken feathers and friends" over at Honeysuckle cottage.

I've also ordered Anne Pia Godske Rasmussens new book "Hånd i Hanke" I got all her previous books so I had to have this one know LOL

Saying for today:

I keep my end tables full of needlework
and quilting so I don't have to dust them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've joined Linda's (All stitched up) pincushionswap. I've done a similar swap once before and it was fun. So if you want to join please visit Lindas blog and sign up. Sign up by Saturday, June 7th I've already finished one that I meant to keep for myself, but I've decided to sent that one to my swap partner.

I'm also in a swap over at a yahoogroup Crazyaboutpincushions. Too late to join that one, we are alrady sending our pincushions out now. We are all making the same pincushion after this pattern. And there is a lot of fun versions being made now. Have to make mine today so I can post it before deadline.
Still painting and no sewing. Starting to feel abstinence. Have to take some stitches this evening while watching next episode of Lost.

Saying for today:

You know you're drinking
too much coffe when you
can thread a sewing machine
while it's running.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Not much sewing the next days (weeks)

I guess there will not be that much sewing the next days (weeks). We've started to paint the house outside and there is a lot to do. And I hope my arms/shoulders will not give me to much pain. I feel really good now in my right shoulder, my't speak so much about that one. But if I paint really slow, relax and feel how much I can do each time, I hope it will be ok.
We also decided to change colour from a dirty kind of pink to a lovely light grey. And today after work my DD and I started to paint the stairs up to our apartment. The neighbour under also started to paint her part. Chatting and laughing while paiting made the work go fast and easy. Tomorrow I continue on the rails. It is far.

Quilting............ have just one flower left to stitch on Butterfly garden block 2. And I know block 4 is on its way to me now.

Saying for today:
If women's work is never done... why start!?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What would I do if I had $50,000.00

Ohio quilter has a giveaway where one of the rules are: If you were given $50,000.00 to spend on yourself Plus your very bestest friend ( only one) . You have to spend all of it on yourself & bestest friend Only!!!! Because your family, kids, pets ect have everything in the world they could possible need/want. It could be anything you would do /buy, plus include at least ONE quilt related thing in there. Sky is the limit, well atleast $50,000.00 worth.

I would have ordered a ticket on the plane for me and my friend.
We would go to USA and to Australia.

And there we would have gone to several quiltshows,

shopped in wonderful quiltshops

and we would also have joined several workshops.

we would have visited a lot of YOU wonderful blogfriends

and we would have talked about our wonderful hobby.

And we had eaten at exclusive restaurants, no cooking on this trip.

and of course relaxed with some stitching at the beach.

And then we would have come back home with a lot of wonderful memories,

and if there was some money left I would bought a longarm quiltingmachine.

Saying for today:

Why does work interfere
with my crafting time

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another new project

First I finished the bag I started this weekend. I only had to sew on the handles so it was fast and easy done. And I have delivered it at the quiltshop as a model for the new fabrics. And perhaps someone will buy it. It is too sweet for me LOL Not really my kind of fabrics.
And then.............

I really needed a new project like (as Hanne always says) a new hole in my head. But I got so inspired from another blog yesterday. And showing it to my friend Nancy she provided me with an EQfile she made for me today. So I just had to start................

wonder what I'm doing

wait and see

there is more to me done on it

or do you want to take a guess what it is???

Saying for today:
Laughing helps,
it's like jogging on the inside!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A busy weekend

On Friday I went to bring my DD back home from school. And it was a big event with a lot of tears and hugs. When 75 students have lived so close together at school they build a very special friendship. And of course it's hard to end school knowing they perhaps never will meet again.

They got their yearbook and everyone had to write something in eachothers books.
A lot of entertainment and speeches.
And then there was time for receiving their graduation papers. My DD is standing at the left.
Getting her graduation papers.

It feels good having her back home.

While bringing my DD back home I went by the the quiltshop in Lier. My local quiltshop has two shops. One here in Elverum where I live and one in Lier. And my car was filled up with new fabrics for the shop here. Beautiful fabrics. And as a thank you for doing this I got this lovely Dandelion Girl layer cake. The fabrics are soooooooooo lovely. And of course I had to buy some more of some of the fabrics. I bought this bag pattern from Melly and Me some days ago and when I saw this new fabrics I knew I had to make it from them.

So yesterday I cut the pieces and started to sew...............
And this is how far I got yesterday. Just have to add the handles to the bag now. I think I want to make more bags in this pattern and perhaps make it a little bit bigger. See a lot of possibilities in this pattern.

And I prepared the heart blocks for my adventcalendar. I've got a lot of comments on working on a christmas project now LOL. Never too early to start a project for christmas. Perhaps the chances to actually finish it this year have encreased. And stitching on such small pieces is so easy and fun while sitting on the porch.

I guess you all remember the secret project I showed a little glimpse of last weekend. Now it has been handed over to the receiver and I finally can show you. It's for Martine who had her konfirmasjon yesterday. I've transferred some photos over to fabric and made this little quilt for her. Her favorite colours are black and turquoise. And I'm proud to say that I've just used fabrics from my stash.

I found a new giveaway so if you visit My favorite things and comment you can join their Giveaway. Beautiful pattern to win.

Saying for today:

Don't be afraid to strive to be first -
first to nod,
first to smile,
first to speak
and first to forgive.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lynette Anderssons Noas Ark

Today I stitched the block 2 and #3 on Lynette Anderssons little BOM Noas Ark. They were so fun to make out on the porch in lovely spring sun (or should I say it's summer weather, because we had + 18 by 20:00 this evening).
My little dove block #2
And these cute cows block #3
Haven't you started this miniature BOM's never to late :)
Saying for today:
A kind word is never wasted

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fabric and acronyms

Today I got the fabric I ordered for my adventcalendar. I've finished all the stitcheries and will now start making the heart blocks that goes between the stitchery blocks.
And these are the fabric I found in my stash to go with the new fabric. WOW....I'm actually using someting from my stash!!!! It feels good.

Will start preparing it tomorrow, today I have to clean up the house a little bit. My DD is coming back home from school and I want everything to be ready so we can have some quality time together this weekend.

Today I found this list of quilter's acronyms on this blog.

FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip

FIU = Finish It Up

HSY = Haven’t Started Yet

OBW = one-block wonder

PIGS = projects in grocery sacks

PIPS = projects in process

SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

SEX = Stash Enhancement EXperience (or Expedition)

UFO = UnFinished Object

USO = UnStarted Object

VIP = Very Important Project

WHIMM = Works Hidden In My Mind

WIP = Work in Progress

WIWMI = Wish It Would Make Itself

WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time

WWIT = What Was I Thinking

I want to add some extra words I've made up some time ago:

WISP = Work In Slow Progress

WIVSP= Work In Very Slow Progress
Do you know about other acronyms that is not listed here??

Saying for today:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A beutiful day by the Oslofjord

We've had a beautiful weather this weekend. I visited my boyfriend in Oslo and today we went for a long walk by the Oslofjord.

And when I came home a surprise in my mailbox. The books I had ordered from Amazoon had arrived very quickly. So now I have all the rest of the Elm Creek books.
I look forward to read them. I want to wait reading them so I can have them for my summerholiday, but................... perhaps I just start and read veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow on The Christmas Quilt.

I've finished the secret project and it's nicely wrapped and on it's way to the receiver. But you have all to wait until next weekend to see it.

Progress are done on my Butterfly garden block two. Number three has arrived and I read on Honeysucklecottage web that number four is being sendt this coming week. Better hurry.......

Saying for today:
We all grow best in sunshine and love

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where does time fly away.......

Already May 1'th. Can't believe april is already gone. Feels like it's just a few days since christmas. Why can't time slow down a little bit...............or perhaps it's we that have to slow down. Are we to occupied with everything and nothing so we forget to think about ourselves.
Today I visited my mother and had dinner with her. A nice way to celebrate may 1th. I brought some stitchery with me and she is always happy to see what I'm working on. She was a very talented quilter and I miss the time we sat together working on our quilts.

After dinner a lot of folk dancers came by and enternained us. It was fun to see all the different national costumes.
As I said earlier I brought some stitchery today and I manage to finishe all blocks for the adventcalendar. So now I just have to wait for the fabric I have ordered to continue working on it. (I had nothing in my stash LOL) Still have to applique 12 heart blocks.
And I continue working on Butterfly garden block #2. And now block #3 have arrived of course. I enjoy using the Roxanne glue and the silk thread when I'm doing the needleturn applique. And look...........isn't this scissor cute. Found it at our local quiltshop yesterday and just had to buy it.

Still a lot of bloggers coming up with noreply so please chech your profile and see if you have marked the show emailadress.
So...Doris, you mailed me but I can't reply you, please email me again.

And my friend Anita is searching for a fabric. She has too little to finish her project. Can you help her??

Saying for today:

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