Friday, November 26, 2010

More baking covers and a challenge/giveaway

This weekend Bente, Hanne and I have come together for our annual first sunday in advent meeting. And as a project we have chosen to stitch on new baking covers.

I have got a new wonderful box which I keep my stitchery in. Isn't it cute. As you see I have started on Northern Quilts new pattern for baking covers.

Bente had brought with her an 70 year old bakery cover she have inherited from a old lady Mrs Monsen. This is a white linen cover with a M embroidered on it. It is a lovely vintage bakery cover, so you see the thing with bakery covers is an old tradition.

I have refurnished my livingroom so that we have good light to stitch in. "Old" ladies need good light you know LOL A lot of coffee, gingerbread cookies and chocolate is a must.

Hanne have also started on her new baking cover. You have to visit her blog too to see what she is writing.
Bente have found a good position to sit while stitching on her new baking cover,

and she is stitching on some cute gingerbread men.

Now we have a challenge/giveaway for you:

You remember those three patterns from a previous post?
There will be three lucky ladies that will win one each.

And this is what Hanne and I want you to do.

Write a blogpost about your baking cover (s) and a nice story from baking. Then tell us about this in a comment both on this blogpost and on Hannes blogpost.

You have until wednesday des 1st at 6 PM Norwegian time (which is noon New York Time) to make a post and comment.

Wenche at Northern Quilts have sponsored these three patterns for a lovely baking cover.(Thank you Wenche :) The pattern is only in Norwegian, but you can have fun just stitching the buns and muffins and leave out the norwegian text on it or stitch your own saying about baking. A piece of cake.

And three lucky ladies will win one baking cover each.

Have fun :)

Saying for today:

Cookies are made
of butter and love.

Norwegian Proverb


Laila said...

Hi. Looks like you are having a great time stitching together.:-)
Have a great week end.I won't share a storry--- I got the pattern LOL
Hugs to you all.

Radka said...

Hi May Britt, I am very inspired by your "baking cloth" and I will make one, even if I have to make my own pattern. I have written about my bread making on my blog.
Enjoy your weekend with your friends!

Chocolate Cat said...

When my Norweigan grandmother (Bestemor) died my father was to inherit a family dinner service and cutlery but his siblings decided it was too hard as he was in Australia so he got nothing, in later years an Aunt brought out a pile of her linen, a lot of it which she had embroidered, for us. I have one of her baking covers which I treasure but because of its age and sentiment I don't use. It is very carefully stored in tissue in a box in my linen cupboard.

fabriquefantastique said...

I have never heard of special baking covers till now. I think I may have one! When it surfaces from my inventory I will send you a pic. Toronto is a good place for rescuing all sorts of linens from around the world because of its multicultural history.

ozjane said...

I have to admit that I do not really know what a baking cover is, but I assume it has something to do with yeast, or a lovely hot batch of scones just out of the oven.
In Australia, I have never heard the term 'baking cover'used.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a "baking cloth" here where I live. My Grandma Vi (She loved to bake!) just used an everday kitchen linen towel to cover baked goods and so do I. It is interesting to learn of different cultural values.
Cris in USA

Lynn S said...

I love to bake and hope you will enter me in the contest--I don't have a blog--but check your's and Hanne's each day, every morning from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA! I like making cinnamon rolls or stollen for the holiday morning breakfas--and have been doing it for 35 years now--it's a special tradition.
Love redwork--what a special treat to be able to make a Norweigan baking cover!

Lee said...

What lovely baking covers! I remember my grandmother making them (Finnish and Swedish) I live in the USA but thanks for the inspiration to make some of these! love your blog- I am new to it - came over from Val Lairds blog.
(I am a blog reader - not a writer for a blog) Thanks for the lovely ideas. Love the mug rugs you made too.

Anonymous said...

I love your Baking Covers and will make some for my own, they are so nice. We don´t know them here in Germany, I have written about them in my blog.

an ika said...

I like your Baking Covers.
I have written in my blog

Anna from Russia

Dolores said...

Hi May Britt. Even though my mother was from Finland, she never used a special baking cloth. All she ever used was a linen tea towel to cover her baking. I have never heard of a baking cloth but plan on making one since I recently purchased a big piece of linen. I have posted about Finnish baking on my blog and will be doing quite a lot of baking closer to Christmas. I do have a previous blog post about my bread making. Right now I am sewing.

jofridsquilt said...

I have never owned a baking cover, but I have been thinking of making one. My favorite baking is roll-buns (skillingsboller). My grandchildren love them so I always have some in my freezer. Jofrid

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