Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer has arrived

The last days we have had wonderful summer weather.  Feels so good after a long and cold winter.  Hope the warm weather has come to stay.


May 17th is Norways constitution day and it is always fun to dress up in our bunader and go to see the parade.


This year together with my DD and her boyfriend.


Long time since I could enjoy some sewing out on the porch.  But now the temperature is so good. On May 17th I sat outside stitching almost all evening.


Two new books has arrived and I love them.  I have looked through them so many times now, and still discovers something new each time.  Wonderful quilts in both books.


So many quilts I would love to make.  You can look at the Di Ford book here, And to see photos from the Petra Prins book you can visit her blog here.

Saying for today:



Leanne said...

You look very smart in your special costume. Enjoy your warm days.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is very beautiful. I love your dresses!!

Katie said...

Your bunader are beautiful!

Down south here we've been enjoying warm weather for weeks, but now the mosquitoes are out (sigh) so it's back inside for me.

Lynda said...

You both look beautiful in your national dresses.

margaret said...

your costumes are so beautiful, thanks for sharing the pics.

suz said...

You and your daughter look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos. Isn't it nice to sew outside for a change!

Hanne said...

You both look great in you bunad :-)

LoNiPe said...

How very nice you look in you´re dresses! Can I ask you what book it is on the first picture? The one with the embroiderypatterns in? I so want to start with theese primitive embroiderys but I have difficulties finding patterns.
By the way, you have a very nice blog.

Grethe said...

Fantastisk bilde av deg og din DD I deres vakre bunader! Gøy med kjæresten også! Ja, hurra for 17, flott dag:-) For en innholdsrik du hadde I forrige post, virkelig mye spennende Q-ting!

Radka said...

I always like to see national costumes, so good that you keep it up.
Well, it is very cold here again,
it is looking too much like
last year :-(

mascanlon said...

You are always so productive May Britt. Love the photo with your daughter!

DAWNIE said...

Gorgeous pic of you and daughter love the dress up too

Karen said...

You both look beautiful in your dresses - what a wonderful tradition. Summer has been stopping by teasing us with some warm temps and then bringing back in the cool again. I have hope lol.
Hugs - Karen

Andrea Johnson said...

I love your bunad. I have been following your delightful blog for several years.
Andrea, a quilter in Minnesota, USA

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