Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Antique quilts at Rebcca’s


Several times we visited Rebecca Haarer Arts and Antiques.  In this shop you can find a lot of antique quilts. It was so fun to study the fabrics, how they were sewed together and how they were quilted.  Some of the quilts were really old.


I love this quilt.  And how many different fabrics they have used.  Would love to make a quilt like this someday.


Quilts in every corner, on the bed and on the walls.  Just lift up one quilt and there is another under it.


One of my favorites.


Almost bought this.  Next time I think an antique quilt has to come home with me.


This desk was a treasure chest.  Looking through the drawers there was antique quiltblocks. And I found some great treasures.  Some very old quiltblocks.  Will show you later. 


Hanne said...

Rebecca's shop is the very best :-)

Susan said...

What an exciting shop. Your pictures make me just want to sew, sew, sew.

margaret said...

how wonderful to see so many vintage quilts, well done resisting a purchase for now anyway! Your suitcases are going to be very full when you fly home!!

mascanlon said...

My oh my, such a wonderful wealth of quilts and blocks!

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