Sunday, December 09, 2007

A visit to my DD school

Yesterday I visited my DD at her school. They had a decemberfestival and all relatives was invited. Her brother was also coming to see. All the students had exhibitions of what they had made. My DD is learning photo and here are her photos. She sold almost all of her photos

And here is the paintings she had done.

All the studens was singing christmas songs for us and it was a joy to hear. Other things what was shown was more photos on a big screen, movies they had made, a theatre play and a rock consert. I think all the students was very clever.
My DD is learning photo and here she is in studio together with her brother. He had to modell for her and I hope I get a photo for christmas.

Not so much sewing this weekend. I have started to decorate for christmas and still have some christmaspresents to make.

Saying for today:
first in norwegian
Så tenner vi to lys i kveld,
to lys for håp og glede
De står og skinner for seg selv
og oss som er tilstede
Så tenner vi to lys i kveld,
to lys for håp og glede

and then translated to english :

We light two candles tonight
two candles for hope and joy
They stands there shining by themselves
and we who present are
Tonight we light two candles
two lights for hope and joy.


Laila said...

It must have been a great visit.Great photos your daugther take. No I can see who you got it from.... ;-)

Lise said...

If you get my comment twice, it's just because I admire your blog (and because I struggle with making comments!). The photos are great!! And thanks for your translation of the Advent poem, I have forwarded it to my postcard-challenge-group!!

Nancy in Norway said...

Your DD is really talented !! I knew that from our prewies meetings. I hope she can pass on some tricks regarding photohandeling. I struggle a bit ....

Susan said...

How exciting that they can sell their work, and there's an audience there for it, too. Is she using film or digital? I know you have missed her, so it had to be a great visit.

dutchcomfort said...

How wonderful to see the work of your very talented daughter! When I look at the pictures lots of sweet memories arise!

Leanne said...

You daughter is very talented. I am always amazed at how talented young people are, when I went to school we never had all the opportunities they have now. They are so lucky

atet said...

Your daughter's photos are amazing. She is very talented and you must be so proud! Congrats to both of you!

Carla said...

I've just found your blog and really like the kind of quilts and stitcheries you make. They're just my style! The pride you have for your daughter is evident. She's very talented but then, so is her mother!

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