Monday, May 25, 2009

NQT - the exhibition at Röhsska museum

Some quilters has been invited by the museum to show some of their projects. And it was a joy to visit the museum and take a good look at them. I refers to the number of the quilt and to the name of the designer and the name of the quilt.

nr 8: Hillevi Lennvall-Rantzen, Sea Holly White Silver
nr 9: Eva Aagesen, Nidaros
nr 10: Maija Välikyla, Treasure

nr 11: Tuula Mäkinen - Kiira's Triple Salchow
nr 12: Marita Lappalainen - Gate

nr 13: Gudny Benediktsdottir - Soon spring comes green again
nr 14: Maija Brummer - Flowers on Paradise Island

nr 15: Anita Swahn - Vulnerability
nr 16: Arja Mattila - Anna Hemp
nr 17: Borghildur Invarsdottir - Loyalty
nr 18: Birgitte Busk - The gift
nr 19: Charlotte Yde - The subversive stitches 3, Please respect our culture, please respect our democracy

nr 20: Sigridur Ingimarsdottir - Power
nr 21: Solvejg Refslund - To be present

nr 22: Ellen Aase - On the Brink of
nr 23: Ulla Söderstedt - Poppy

nr 24: Hanne Aspelin Firman - Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?
nr 25: Margreth Säterhall - Coltsfoot
nr 26: Trine Tolfsby Bakke - 1600 square centimeter of joy

The items from nr 1 to 7 was impossible to get good photos of. They were standing in glass cabinets and the light from the camera was reflected in the glass. It was quilted boxes and soooo beautiful to see. One of them was made by Bente Nysæter Malm and you can see it here at her blog.


Joy said...

These are fabulous May Britt ... thanks so much for sharing :o).
Joy :o)

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Wow! All these quilts are incredible!!!

Ingrid said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, because this way I could know you. I go more than half an hour seeing and seeing your blog and I am delighted. What beautiful works that you do and the photos of the exhibition I was charmed with. My favorite was the quilt of purple flowers. I am scarcely an beginner, so my works must to you seem to be very simple.
I order you an embrace from Venezuela.
(I am using a translator, so I don't know if the draft is correct)

Stina Blomgren said...

Härliga kviltar... och här var Margreth med.. nr 25.... visserligen inte röd och hon hade kanske fler..:o))

suz said...

These are wonderful, May Britt. I'm always so impressed with quilters who can design pieces like this. I'm a person who needs detailed instructions. I wish I could do work like this though.

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