Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mr. and Mr. Moose

It has been an amazing day with sun and spending a lot of time out on the porch.  Finally a day sitting out in the sun and I can feel the spring has sprung.


This evening I have been finishing the moose’s I started at the cabin last weekend.  Had done almost all the parts, and today I sewed it together.  A lot of handstitching to do and out in the sun it was a piece of cake.


And tadaaaa……..meet Mr. and Mr. Moose (design Northern Quilts).  If you wonder what they are going to be used as, I can tell you there is for covering the plastic wine bags.  And if you lift the leaf, you can pull the wine tap out of a hole and pour the wine down into the glass.

Saying for today:

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


Annik-Snor said...

De var skikkelig tøffe og søte

Kate said...

They're delightful and whimsical! I love them.

Satu said...

Funny moose ;o)

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi May... I just love Mr. and Mrs. Moose....What a lovely job you did... Too funny that they will cover a wine bag... Hugs :)

LesQuilts said...

Hi! Nice finish Mae!
Here in Northern Ontario Canada, our female moose don't have a rack! ie: antlers.
Very cute and glad you had a productive holiday!
Take care, Leslie

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lol..that's hilarious...thanks for sharing these fabulous moose.

Annik-Snor said...

Så tøffe de er

Josie said...

I'd never have guessed Mr & Mrs Moose were wine box covers! And where you get the wine from really cracked me up... I'm sore from laughing. You've made them beautifully... as usual now you need to buy some wine and enjoy them. Thanks for the giggles..

Chriss said...

I too find your moose a little amusing! I just love moose, they are the most uncoordinated animal. Like they got all the spare parts that didn't work for any other animal. Well done, they are great.

Sonia Hernandez said...

Me encantan estos edredones.!!!

LuAnn said...

Love Mr. & Mrs. Moose. Your Antique Sampler blocks are looking good, too.

Käranån said...

Oj, oj, oj, vilka ljuvliga vinälgar!!! Ha en fortsatt bra helg!

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