Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tour de Fibre–first day


Hanne and I have done the Tour de Fibre for several years now, and it is so fun to do it again this year too.  Hanne have also started a group on Facebook, called Tour de Fibre.  We’ve already got a lot of members in this group, all working on a lot of beautiful projects.   Hanne is visiting me this weekend and we are enjoying some quality sewing time together.


Rusken have also joined us and he is inspecting Hannes beautiful hexagon blocks. 


I am working on my A Tisket A Tasket blocks.  And with help from Hanne I have now decided how to sew this quilt together.


Block 11 almost done.


If you will join us in our Tour de Fibre this year, join the group on Facebook.


Let the sewing start.  I will try to blog each day during the Tour, and hopefully have some finishes or at least some progress on several projects.

Saying for today:




Nyt stunden og dråpene. Sommerinordklem fra Gudrun :)

Susan said...

I always enjoy your posts through Tdf. Enjoy your stitching.

Grethe said...

Din Tisket a Tasket blir flott; hver dag koser koser jeg meg med min på veggen her!
Lykke til med TdF:)) i år følger jeg med fra sidelinjen!

margaret said...

now not too much of that wine whilst you are putting these great blocks together!Can see it is going to make a lovely piece. said...

Lykke til! Dette er mye mer spennende en Tour på sykkel :-)

Liv Aagot's Quilt Blog said...

Så flott bildet blir! Hyggelig å sy sammen og hjelpe hverandre. Har meldt meg inn i Facebook gruppa, så inspirerende :)

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