Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold weather


Until close to Christmas we had very strange winther weather with rain and warm temperatures.  But this photo is taken 21.dec when it startet to snow.


And it snowed a lot and gave us a beautiful white Christmas.  But the temperature started to sink.


And it got very cold.


This photo I took early this morning.  Look at the beautiful sunrise!  Hope this means a change in the weather and the temparature will rise a little bit.


Not so much out doors activity when it is this cold.  Rusken is not allowed outdoors in this cold weather.  He also thinks it is too cold.  So he helps me checking blogs and just sleeps in front of the fire place.


I have been doing some needleturn and stitchery while watching Christmas movies on tv.  And yesterday I went into my sewing room and sewed a few blocks for my Phebe quilt.  Will continue sewing more of these today.  Love working on my Phebe quilt.


I have not been able to post this photo earler.  But now when the Christmas present is opened I can show you.  Potholders and makeup bags for my family this year.

Saying for today:



Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Amazing photos...and your family gifts are lovely xx

Unknown said...

moins 25.....waouhhh froid ici il fait 0 et on grelotte je n ose imaginer ... alors resté bien au chaud Aby et travaillez bien dans votre opièce a coudre
- 25 ..... waouhhh cold here it is 0 and n shivering I imagine ... then stayed warm Aby and work well in your sewing pièce

Liv Aagot's Quilt Blog said...

Lovely photos and great presents to your family!

Kate said...

We, too, were having mild weather but that abruptly changed and it is -31C this morning! Old Man Winter has come calling. :) I like the Christmas gifts that you made - you've used lovely colours.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your photos of the snow but yes it would be very cold. Here we have no snow right now.

My Life and Quilting said...

I just love your pictures of the snow and sun rise... The potholders and make up bage are wonderful...:)

CecileD said...

The snow and the cold weather are just arrived for Christmas !! Thank you for these photos !
Your blocks and gifts are so cute !!

Raewyn said...

Such beautiful winter photos - glad you've got a cosy fire going. Your makeup bags and pothoders are very lovely gifts.

Susan said...

I really can't imagine such cold temperatures, but it looks magical. I think indoors sewing is the right choice.

TLC said...

But it looks so beautiful, along with a great reason to stay inside and stitch!

Jeanette said...

Beautiful photo's. Lovely gifts to your family. Hugs,xx

margaret said...

that is cold you are having, I struggle when it is abut 3 degrees! never mind below freezing. God makes for Xmas presents, mug mats are on my to do list hopefully soon

Ondrea said...

I do hope the weather warms up a bit for you and Rusken. At least you are getting lots of stitching done while enjoying relaxing. The weather is up and down here. 29 C with beautiful sunshine, 21C the next with high winds, rain, thunder and lightening! Love the gifts you have made . Beautiful fabric choices too.

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