Sunday, February 15, 2015

Learning how to machinequilt


This weekend my quiltgroup had invited Anne Janzon to give a class in how to machinequilt.  11 ladies registered for this class.  Not the best working space, but if you look closer you can see some of us placed three chairs upon eachother to get (almost) the right hight to sew.  We learned how important it it so have the right hight to work on.  Right now it feels very good with a heat pillow on my shoulder and neck.


A lot of demonstration and explaining how to do this.


It looked so easy when she did it !!!!


Some of my first attempt quilting circles and pebbles.  Most important was to learn how fast I can sew to get nice quilting. To find the right sound of the sewing machine.   And I experienced one important thing, no shoes on the pedal.


Very concentrated ladies. Only the sound of the sewingmachines was heard.


And finally over to the scary part.  Quilting feathers.


We had to draw a lot of feathers on paper first.


And them my poor attempt quilting feathers. It will take a lot of practice on many many sandwiches before I can do it on a quilt.  But it was so fun to join this class.


Anne had a lot of books about machine quilting and I have already orderer two of them to get more ideas.  But one thing I have experienced this weekend is that I have to practice, practice practice.  So perhaps one day I can be able to quilt like this:



Both these are quilted by our teacher Anne.  She had brought with her a lot of lovely quilting to show us.  Thank you Anne for a wonderful class.  I enjoyed it so much!!!

Saying for today:



mary truax said...

good work, May Britt. nice you were able to take the class.

moosecraft said...

Your starting off fabulously! Looks great! Machine quilting is on my list of things to learn this year...

Ondrea said...

You have done a fantastic job fof your first attempt. I have tried to machine quilt a couple of times and just give up. Practice is so important and drawing freehand first helps the brain coordinate for using the machine. I did pebbles best but can't follow a traced design. That's why I hand quilt small quilts and send larger ones off to be quilted elsewhere. Well done.

2ne said...

Ser ut til å være et flott kurs. Du er godt i gang nå så blir spennende og se hva du får til videre :-D

CecileD said...

I'm sure you can succeed in this exercice !! As you wrote, you have to work a lot but your start looks great ! You're on the right way ! :))

Anne said...

Tusen takk for invitasjonen.
Dere var en herlig og fantastisk fokusert gjeng å undervise!
Morsomt at alle klarte øvelsene, til og med feather.

Maskinquilting ligger bedre for noen enn for alle - og dere viste en flott entusiasme :)

Hils alle og lykke til med treningen videre. Øvelse gjør mester...

Klem fra Anne

TLC said...

Wow! You did an amazing job. Thanks for the tips, I will kick my shoes off. :)

Sue R said...

Your work is beautiful, really miss your weekly blogs.

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