Friday, December 18, 2015

Columbus Ohio and Shipshewana - part 2

 On our way up to Shipshewana we stopped at the Fabrics and Friends quilt shoppe in Roanoke.

 Loads of fabric.  And look at the quilt in the ceiling

A lovely shop to visit on our way.

And you knows you are close to Shipshewana when the buggies starts to appears on the road.

It is good to be back at the Farmstead Inn and Conferencesenter.

And dinner at the Blue Gate restaurant and bakery.

I love their pies!!!  I did not get my blackberry pie this time, but the peach pie was delicious too.

Shipshewana by night is always a joy to watch.

And it is something special  and calming to watch the amish buggies and listen to the click clack from the horses.

One of my favorite shops is Caroline's Cottage Cottons. So cosy and the ladies in the shop are so wonderful.   And not to talk about all the temptations.

Don't you agree this is a wonderful shop.

 A visit to Rebecca Haarers antique shop is a must.  I love this shop.  Everywhere you look you see something interesting. And it was so fun to look through all the quilts that was stacked on this bed.

So much interesting fabrics and stitches to look at in all these antique quilts.

Shipshewana has several quilts shops and one of them is Lolly's.  And so nice to meet the shop owners again.  And they have SO many temptations.

and inspiration on the walls.

and a BIG sales room.

Yoder department store is another quiltshop.  Love the quilt signs outside the shop.

And do they have fabric.  OH YEAH, they do!!!!!!!  

Looking through my treasures. 

Just have to show you this photo from an amish shop we visited.  We got to taste a lot of jam and I just LOVE the names .


CecileD said...

Oh my God ! Why don't we have those kind of shops in France ! Mmmm?
Thank you so much to show us these beauties... What a wonderful trip you had !
Lucky Youuuu !!! :)

Caro said...

Thanks so much for your post. I used to live in Michigan and only managed to visit once. I'm making a list and will be visiting Indiana next May. Hopefully I'll get to visit then.

Radka said...

I am enjoying your trip :-)
So many fabrics! - too much choice, I think! LOL

Yvonne W said...

What a fabulous trip. The shops are superb. Is there a quilt show that takes you back to Shipshewana each year? Would it not be fabulous to have bloggers from all over the world meet up and do a tour and visit all these shops together? Someone who knows about this area should organise such a trip-- I will be in it!

Karen said...

I love Caroline's. I go there every chance I get. Shipshewana is about four hours from my house. I love to go to Middlebury to Esenhaus to eat. It looks like you had a great time.

Sparky said...

what a wonderful day with you ...Merry Christmas sweet lady ..x

PeggyinNO said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. Now, we, at least I am green with envy!! What great shops! The pics of the buggies reminded me of my 3 wks in Lancaster, PA in Oct. I love the sound of the horses hooves also, expecially when they crossed the covered bridges. It's sounds I never hear being a La native, now living in East Tx!!

Katie said...

I’m always jealous of your trips to Shipshewana! Thank you for sharing. Happy Christmas! :-)

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