Sunday, October 30, 2016

October quiltmeeting

Thursday it was quilt meeting in my local quilt group.  And this time we had invited Siw from Quiltegården to bring her shop. Our quilt group was her third stop on her route this time, and we was a bit afraid she had sold out all her goodies before she came to us.  But her car was still filled to the brim when she came. 

And we shopped.......

......and shopped.  She had SO many temptations with her.

and also a lot of inspiration, just take a look:

And then there ws show and tell.  Ejoy the photos:


Michelle said...

There looked like some amazing buys to buy!!! And show and tell was amazing! Talented group!!!

Janet said...

Great pictures .....thanks for sharing ��

Summer said...

The quilts are beautiful ♥

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