Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Yesterday was my first day of my summer vacation.  3 weeks off work, and I really have no plans what to do. Just stay home and sew and relax.

 So I thought...... My phone rang and there was my friend Bjørg asking, do you want to come on a roadtrip to Kathrines Quiltestue, we are just outside Elverum, but we can turn and pick you up.  And what do you answer to that...................OF COURSE I WILL COME WITH YOU.

And then we came to Kathrines Quiltestue.  Always a treat to visit this quilt shop.  Lots of inspiration and there was a lot of new temptations there too.

And of course I got tempted.  This is supplement for my Round We Go blocks.  Bought two backgrounds.  

Right now I am leaning towards the denim blue as a background.

Saying for today:


Janet said...

What a great Quilt shop.😊

Kleine Vingers said...

I just love your saying at the end of the post and the quiltshop looks like a real treat.

CecileD said...

Sometimes stay at home, sew and relax is the best !
Happy holidays !

Costuritasdeclaudialis said...

wow wow! beautiful fabrics, place and patchwork. Greetings from Canary Islands

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