Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Just poppin' in to say Hello

I have not been blogging for almost a year now.  Have mostly been on instagram because its fast and easy, like a postcard.  But lately I have several times needed to searched up on old blogpost to see what happend when.  So after a little bit thinking I have decided to post on my blog as a diary to myself, and of course if you want to follow me, as inspiration for you too.

This summer has gone so fast.  4 weeks summer vacation went so fast. Lots of sewing on the shadow side.  I was lucky to have beatiful warm weather when I had my vacation. Svimming. Cabin trips with friends. Sewing. And just relaxing.

 I followed this quiltalong this summer and manage to sew all the trees for this quilt. Still have a lot of snowball blocks to sew.  And I will bring them to the cabin this weekend.

Saying for today:

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