Monday, October 02, 2006

october 2nd....where is september?????

It is already october 2nd. Can anybody tell me where september is gone. I know that for me september.......and october is the most busyest months in the year, it has always been that way. Not very much time for sewing so now I have abstinece.........I gotta sew!!!!!!!!

I have gone through my september goals and did I reach them?????

*Finish at least one of my ufo's
YES, I did finish two tablerunners and my redwork table cloth. And the best part is I did not start another new project. (ehhh....I did start sewing my new bag, but this was a class I registrated for in august, and I did buy the fabric in august). Below a picture of my completed redwork ufo. I started this two years ago, and I have given classes in redwork using this as a model.

* Experiment with my CQ
YES, I have experimentet. Made the little sewing kit for Pat's birthday. Did som more embellishment on my angel block and have made more hearts to swap. Ordered one new book which I hope arrive very soon.

* Start making christmasgifts
NO, I did not start on any gifts. But I did find fabric and patterns for what I am going to do. And that is a good start. I cannot show any pictures of the gifts on my blog because I know some of the receivers are reading my blog.

* Get time to read more
YES, I have read several books. I love to sit in my chair with a quilt wrapped around me, a good cup of tea and read. When it is really bad weather, storming outside, raining or snowing it is good to sit and relax with a book.

*Celebrate my birthday LOL
YESSSSS, and I had a great time. I was visiting my boyfriend in Oslo. And I got a lot of nice precents in the mail from friends. I wonder how they knew that on my wishinglist was laces, beads, fabric aso. I got it all. Thank you good friends for all the wonderful mailbox surprises I got. My DD bought me that big box of beads.

It is time to set my goals for october. Looking in my almanac, my days seems to calm down a bit. And I hope that is true, because now I want to sew!!!!!

* I want to recuce my UFO's. Still have two left of the three UFO's registrated on my quiltgroups UFO challenge to complete. One is basted and is going to be handquilted. I will try to baste the last one this week and perhaps I will machinquilt it.

* Start making christmas gifts.

* Organize all my patterns. I have to because I have been looking for a certain pattern and I can't find it. And I have a lot of patterns.

* Experiment more with my CQ. Looking forward to receive the book I have ordered.

* Handquilt on my Spinning wheels

* Handquilt on my Sunflower dresden

* Have to continue on the quilt I am going to have above my sofa. The wall is still empty. Have made 3 blocks. One more to make and then put the border on. Priority one.


I want to thank all of you who have commented on my blog. I so appriciate your comments. I have learned to know several bloggers and I enjoy reading your blogs. I got a looooooong list of blogs on bloglines now. My DD and boyfriend teases me when I sit in front of my computer. They claims that I have become a computernerd LOL


Redwork in Germany said...

Hi there, you have given classes in Redwork? Is Redwork that popular in Norway? It is not - unfortunately - in Germany...

Lorenza said...

Hi May Britt, this morning I got the book "Treasury of Crazy Quilt" that I ordered by Amazon, in the same days you did: it's beautiful so many stitiches! I hope yours will be there soon.

Julia said...

I love redwork and yours is beautiful.
Redwork is very popular here in Australia too.

Sweet P said...

Your redwork is gorgeous. Good work on your goals for October. I think all of us bloggers may becoming computer nerds. Some days I have to force myself to NOT open my computer so I can get some quilting done.

Hanne said...

Let us just forget September and move on with October, being more productive then. At least that is what I am doing :-)

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