Monday, October 30, 2006

Quilt for an hour / First day of snow

One of my november goals is to focus more on quilting. I have been out of focus for a while, but now things starts to calm down and I enjoy being in my sewingroom. Judy at Sunshine Quilts does a "Quilt for an hour" each month, and I intend to do november quilt. I love the scrappy look of it. And this will be a perfect opportunity to reduce my fabric stash. Today I chose my colours. Some time ago I joined the Thimbleberry BOM, but I finished just a few projects in it. And the rest of the fabric have just been in my stash waiting to be used. I have chosen these fabrics to do Judy's quilt and I started to cut the pieces for it. I have not cut the borders yet, because I do not know how I will make them yet. I am now waiting for her next step.

While cutting this fabric something happends outside. It started to snow. Winter have come. This picture is perhaps too dark to show, but I think you see what it looks alike outside my door. I do not look forward tomorrow with all the snow on my car. The weather report is snow snow snow snow...... I will show you a picure in daylight tomorrow. I wonder how much snow we will get during the night.


jodie said...

Snow!! It looks so pretty. I guess that cold wet feeling may take the edge off, hey? Lol.

You are organised with the sew for an hour quilt. I like the look of this one too.


Sweet P said...

Oh, how wonderful! I can't wait for your first snowfall. You are ready for the new quilt. I'm going to look through my fabrics tonight to see I have enough yardage for it.

Angie said...

Oh Aby, I love the books "Simple Blessings" and "Simple Traditions"! I would love to make one of every quilt in them. And again the colors you have chosen for one of those quilts is exquisite!!! Now on to Thimbleberries...they will make a beautiful November H-A-D quilt! :D Glad you're getting back into the swing with sewing. :D
And SNOW Send some my way, please!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know, I know....I saw the first snow flakes falling during this weekend in Ottawa.....snow snow snow...winter is coming.
I love your quilts!

Libby said...

I like your fabric choices for the Hour A Day quilt - Thimbleberries uses nice colors, I think.

Snow -- seems like a lot of fun to me. I bet it can get old if you have to be in it every day, but I would love to play and play.

Nancy in MT said...

We received about 4 inches of snow last night too, and it's so cold, way to cold to say it's still October. And I don't have my new snow tires yet for work tomorrow either. Nancy in MT

Cynthia said...

nice to see you joining in the HOur a Day quilt. I'm not sure if i will be this time as i don't think i have enough big pieces of fabric to make it :-( I'll be watching your progress and then i won't feel left out.

Snow!!! I would love to see some snow just once in my front garden but it will never happen as it doesn't get cold enough here.

ForestJane said...

Wow, snow!

Is this early for you, to have snow at the end of October or normal for the season?

Anonymous said...

I just followed the trail to you. I'm so glad. I'm also atempting to make the HAD quilt for November.
Snow you guys can keep it. I've still got tomato's & bell peppers growing.
I think its great that you can write in English. Its all I've ever spoken and I have trouble writing it. Thanks for the poem.
I want so bad to make flannel quilts and yours are lovely. Now can we please have the daisey pattern. My gd wants a quilt with daiseys on it that one is perfect.

Hedgehog said...

Love the fabrics you've chosen.

Nancy said...

Those fabrics will be great in the new hour-a-day. It's almost November so I guess I should look thru my stash and decide on a color scheme/theme. Maybe the luscious fall FQs I recently purchased???

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