Sunday, September 02, 2007

Visit at Løten Lys

I've had a great weekend with my DD back home. She told about her school with so much enthusiasm that I know she enjoys to go there. And as long as she is happy I'm happy.

After driving her to Hamar to get a ride back to the school with another girl, I went to visit Løten Lys . Løten Lys designs, produces and sells their own hand made wax candles along with exciting accessories. And it is always so nice to be there. While walking through all their beutiful exhibitions you can listen to calm music. And especially by christmas time you will get the christmas feeling looking at their christmas candles and listen to christmas carols.

Take a look ......

I did not buy any candles today, but I will go back there later and buy a lot of candles for christmas. I love to light candles when it's getting dark and cold outside. Make a hot cup of tea and just enjoy some quality time.
Saying for today:

Friends fill your life with joy,
your soul with sunshine,
And your heart with love


Gail said...

I like candles in the evening for some 'atmosphere', too.

meggie said...

Lovely pictures May Britt.
And a lovely true saying for the day!!

Yvonne said...

Happy to hear that your daughter is doing so well. It does make a for a happy Mom when the kids are doing well. Love the pictures...candles do make a nice homey feeling.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful ! I like sitting with candles, too.... and I just LOVE your saying for today !

dutchcomfort said...

Wonderful photos! I already burned candles last night. It was raining cats and dogs and stormy wheather, so I really felt like it. You’re saying is so nice!

Anonymous said...

I love candles and burn lots every night - they are my favorite thing for making my house feel like home. So happy for you to have DD home - hope you both enjoy being together.

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, May, what a beautiful building.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

What a beautiful shop!
I really enjoyed your quilt show and tell as well, the Kindergarten one would be a great child's present, Tracey

Libby said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit. Such a beautiful candle shop. I love candle light in the winter . . . so soft and soothing (and smells good,too *s*)

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