Friday, January 04, 2008

"January - finish it up month" - progress

I'm going to dream about buttons tonight. Buttons, patterns, books and zippers. Have been to the quiltshop today helping to count inventory. My friend Irene was counting and I was writing; 3 buttons to 3.50, 100 buttons to 5.90, 50 buttons to 12,50, 10000000 buttons to......LOL When I was writing and listening to her I felt like she was telling me a goodnightstory ....... almost fell asleep LOL
Still working on my first WISP. I wanted to do a simple handquilting, but of course I started to do more than I intended to do because it was so fun to handquilt again. Haven't done that in a long time now because of my bad shoulder. But I can tell you I'm feeling so much better. Even my physiolady was so pleased with my progress now. So I guess in a month or two I'm back at work. But as she told me, this is the time I have to be very careful and not believe I can manage to do too much. And I will listen to her :)

That's why I found some other WISPs to work on. This pieces is going to be a little makeup purse. I've already made the big matching toiletpurse months (can it be years) ago. Just have to put the zipper in and sew it together.

And these four placemats were made years ago as an mysteryquilt. I remember they were so fun to make. And I really want some new placemats now. The batting and backing was already in the bag together with this project. Want to machinequilt them this weekend and put the binding on.

And then I have these two (among several others) stitcheries. What are I'm going to make of these? Maybe a pillow or two. I really ned some new pillows in my sofa.

I got so many mails from ladies that want to join my "January-finish it up month" challenge, and I have decided that when you report a finished WISP to me and show in on your blog, I will link to your blog so the rest can see what you have done.
So please; when you have finished a WISP please report to me with a photo on your blog and I will put you on a list.

And these ladies have already mailed to me and put photos on their blogs:
Patti has finished two tablerunners and she has a long list of projects :)
Nancy has also finished a christmas tablerunner. So she is ready for next christmas.
Sølvi has finished three toilet purses.
If you have already finished a WISP and are not on this list; please mail me with a link to the photo on your blog :)
Remember there will be a prize for the one that finish most WISPs in january. I have a box that I will fill with some quiltgoodies. Bought a nice stitcherypattern of norwegian trolls today that I'll put in the box.
Saying for today:
Quilting is cheap therapy


Inger said...

Hei. Flotte prosjekt du har funnet fram. Spesielt det stitcheryet med alle damene på. Dette har jeg sett en gang før i en quiltebutikk, men da med teksten "Venners, venners fest". Hvem har laget det mønsteret, og hvor kan det evt. være å få kjøpt? Ha ei fin helg.

Unknown said...

I am so glad that your shoulder is getting better.

dutchcomfort said...

It must feel so great to be able to handquilt again! I have to try some too. I did only once and the back was looking like a bumpy landscape. I’m busy stitching the binding on the crazy cat quilt. I hope to make photos tomorrow!

Laila said...

Hello. You have been clever counting to day. ;-)
Remember to take care with your shoulder.
Great idea wih this challenge.

Elin said...

Have finished 1 1/2 tablerunner with binding tonight. Nice, nice...I'll send photos on Sunday. I like your projects! And have a nice night dreaming about buttons, haha.

María Elena said...

I read your blog some months ago from Chile. Now I Know of your challenge. I wish to participate, I'm going to post the photos of my quilt unfinished this week end.

Libby said...

Love the pieces you have chosen to finish up.

Leanne said...

It is so good to hear your shoulder is much better. I love those Bronwyn Hayes stitcheries.

Christine said...

I would like to join your WISP challenge. It will be great motivation to get some projects finished. Posted about my unfinished Spotlight quilt earlier today.

Grazia said...

The two stitcheries are fantastic, two pillows will be perfect!!!!!

Hedgehog said...

Just love those bright flowers!

peggy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peggy said...

I smiled when I read your saying for the day. I'm not so sure quilting is cheap therapy for all of us! With all the WISPs we have, there is a fortune spent on fabric. Your challenge will make us spend less--for a while :)

hetty said...

So glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling better and that you are able to enjoy handquilting again. No better therapy than quilt therapy!

Nicky said...

Good luck with all your January finishes! That is definately something i need to work on too. Glad to hear your shoulder is getting better.

Anne Sutton said...

May, I love popping in on your blog! You always have so much fun. Love those unfinished projects. Keep it up and you'll have them done in no time at all! That one of Leanne's is my favorite.

Do you realize you are world famous in blogland? It's so amazing to see how quilters join together from all countries!

Happy New Year!

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