Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bags……and more bags

Some weeks ago when I was showing a lot of new drawstringpurses at our quiltmeeting, I got a question from one lady.  What are you doing with all these purses, do you really need so many??????

Oh yes, I really need so many and I need more too !!  Because I hate plastic bags.

I decided to make a quick photo tour around in the house this  morning.


At the doorknob in my sewingroom there are always hanging a lot of drawstringpurses.  So easy to grab when I am going away.  I use them to store small sewingprojects, bits and bobs when I am going to the cabin or what ever needs to be brought along in my suitcase or bag.


And this one I got from a dear friend for Christmas.  I love it, and right now it is hangning in my sewingroom and stores a little Christmas project.


This pink purse is storing my GPS.  And the other one stores my cellphone battery chargers. 


This is also a gift from a dear friend.  It stores my tea lights.


And a quilter do not need one toiletpurses, she needs several.  One big, one small, one for this and one for that.  Agree????


This little bag is just hanging in my sewingroom.  I made it just because it is so cute and makes me smile when I look at it.


And my sewing bags.  Just love them all, and I need more.  Each one is storing one ore several projects. Don’t laugh……I admit I have A LOT of projects going on.  The red one to the right is storing a lot of my sewing tools like scissors, needles, pens aso.


Been sewing a lot the last days/weeks.  I guess you have noticed I have mad a lot of drawstring and toiletpurses lately. Those are going to be sold at a marked in august. If not they will be great gifts. Always someone who wishes for a purse or a bag. And my sewingroom is a total chaos right now.  Oooooops, do you spot a little bag in this photo too.  I have a lot of these because they are so handy storing stuff.  Not to mention boxes, I guess you see the two beneath my little ironingboard. I have no number on tin boxes I have in my sewingroom, but that’s perhaps another post.


Last night when having trouble sleeping I was thinking of remembering a little purse I started sewing several years ago.  And as a good quilter I had to look for it (at four o clock in the morning).  Luckily I found it at once even though my sewingroom is a total chaos I know where everything is LOL LOL


It was originally a purse from a japanese book, but as I could not find this book I decided to sew it the way I have made a lot of purses lately.  This is the front……….


…..and this is the back.  I love the way it turned out.  It looks quite big here on the photo, but it is a small purse 7x7 inches.  Just perfect for something LOL


Some days ago I received Annie Downs new book The Simple Life.  And in the book there is a pattern for a cute little zippered case.  I just had to start making it yesterday, because I really need one like this!!!!!!!

Do you have a lot of purses, bags and zippered cases?? And what do you store in yours??  Do you need just one or do you love to have as many as you can??  Make a blogpost like this where you show your purses and small bags.

And of course there is a prize for someone who comes back to this post and comments with a link  that they have made a blogpost about Bags…..and more bags.  You have one week to make a blogpost, and I will draw a winner in the morning  june 30th .  So the winner will be announced in my first blogpost in Tour de Fibre. Note to myself; you really have to make that blogpost about Tour de Fibre soon.

And the prize will be……
a little toiletpurse of course!!

Saying for today:

Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams,
Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.
William Butler Yeats


Catarina C said...

Så många härliga förvaringar du har gjort, håller med dig, hellre en tygväska än en plastpåse. Tack för att du visade dem!

simplestitches said...

I love all of your bags and purses...they are great! and what a wonderful place to keep a project...just grab and go, you may even end up with a surprise project, one you have forgotten about!

Elin said...

My Goodness!!! Her er mykje vakkert, utruleg kor god oversikt du har over alle tinga dine. Kan diverre ikkje vere med på leiken no, må ha fokus på bryllaupskvilten...
Skulle gjerne hatt ein tutorial på desse vakre pungane du har sydd i det siste!

Gudveig HN said...

Her var det utrolig mye fint! Og, ja, man trenger mange vesker, det er helt klart :-)

Bodil said...

Kjempemange fine vesker, poser og mapper i alle slags fasonger og til alle behov. Og jeg forstår ikke en gang spørsmålet om man trenger så mange eller ikke. Kanskje jeg tar meg en lik fotosafari i mitt hus, vi får se. Ha en fin sysøndag.

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi May.... I can not believe you ever sleep... Your bags are Beautiful... I love all of them... Now, you have me thinking on making some bags for myself... or even for friends... Thanks for the inspirations... Hugs :)

LeKaQuilt said...

Sukk....her var det masse fint å se! Takk for inpirasjon :o)
Ha fortsatt en riktig fin og kreativ søndag. Klem

Astrid sin said...

Så mye fint. Du er utrolig kreativ og det er en glede å se alt det du lager. Tusen takk for at du deler med oss!

Ann-Mari said...

En dames plikt det, å ha vesker og bagger til enhver anledning. Mange flotte i samlingen din, skal se om jeg får samlet sammen mine og laget en innlegg.

Tilonino said...

Hehe, ja det er slik det er :)Vi trenger mange :) Takk for koselig kommentar hos meg forresten.
Og så må jeg jo si at du har laget mye fint.
Fortsatt fin søndag til deg :)

Grit said...

Wunderschöne Taschen hast Du gemacht. Ich finde sie alle Klasse.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Solveig Bloch said...

Du store mi tid, her var det "bags" i alle kroker. Sikler nesten på alle de flotte utgavene der, og seff må en ha mange bagger men du slår kaka hitill.RÅBRA!! ;o)

linny said...

All your bags are just beautiful. Like you I store all my ongoing projects in bags so I can grab one when I'm leaving the house.

Ondrea said...

So many gorgeous bags! I don't really enjoy making bags but I do love them. I have only made a couple. Like you, I have lots of projects prepared in different bags ready to do. Thaaks for showing your lovely things.

Sue-Anne said...

A quilter can never have too many bags, purses and tins. Thank you for sharing all your with us.

I saw Anni's little zippered purse last week at the Sydney Quilt Show and it was absolutely gorgeous. You are going to love it.

Michelle said...

He he... I am in a group called the kindred heart stitchers and each month we have a wee challenge... this month we have to make a bag! We are meeting on Friday to show what we made... yours are truly beautiful!

Annik-Snor said...

Så mange flotte vesker og punger, nå ble jeg skikkelig inspirert.

ROBIN18447 said...

All your bags are just beautiful.

quiltygal said...

What a silly thing for the lady to say everyone needs bags !! I will do a tour & take pics of my bags !! a week ?...I'll come back & let you know ! waiting for the Tour de Fabric to start....might have to call mine the Tour de Wimbeldon :)

Mia B said...

Tygväskor är mycket snyggare än plastpåsar och mycket bättre för miljön. Du har så många snygga väskor och påsar.
Hälsningar Mia

Laila said...

Hi. You realy have a lot of purses,but have you showed every one :-)
I took the challenge, just take a look at my blog,but don't faint..
Hugs .-)

Nicola said...

I have been inspired by Norwegian bag patterns and I have made many small bags and toilettry bags. I also use some for storing sewing things and have made some with "sewing" themed fabric - you can never have too many bags :)

Wendy said...

A quilter can never have too many bags. I have lots for holding my stitchery projects.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilts are so lovely! Wonderful! I am speechless! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

Pumlans flitiga fingrar said...

Hej! Jag tog dig på orden och visar upp mina väskor, påsar och nessar på min blogg! Jag håller med att de är mycket roligare än plastpåsar!

Wendy said...

I'm back to tell you I've posted my bags. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll have more to show soon.

Siri said...

Vet ikke om jeg skjønte helt, jeg, men jeg vil jo alltid være med på sånt. Kan jeg bruke gamle bilder, dvs bilder som har vært brukt på bloggen min tidligere eller må det være noe helt nytt (for da rekker jeg ikke å lage noe). Jeg er hele tiden på jakt etter å få brukt alle posene mine, og nå fikk jeg gode ideer! Hilsen Siri:-)

FIONA said...

Wow May Britt ... you have just highlighted how many sewing bags I have !!! And I love them all and use them all!! I have posted (a very long post) about my sewing bags for you to have a look at ... thanks for inspiring this exercise ... it was fun!! And your bags are gorgeous too!! Fiona xx

blauraute said...

Wonderful bags. I love all of them. I love bags an shoes.
Have a nice day

Grete said...

Så mange flotte bager og mapper! Jeg har tatt utfordringen og laget et innlegg om noen av mine vesker +++. På bloggen min- Lappe-Grete, kan du se innlegget, men jeg får ikke lagt koblingen til i innlegget, vet ikke hvorfor.
Ha en fin dag!

Hanne said...

I have blogged about a few of my drawstring bags :-)
I love your post - a girl can never have to many bags!

Nemo said...

Jeg har også blogget om poser, bokser, punger og annet oppbevaringsmekket :-) Veldig morsomt å se hvor mange som lå litt på lur her og der.

Cyn said...

I love totes and little bags, also. But I do not have near as many as you do - I must go get busy and make some more. Most of mine have gone to others as gifts. It is now time to make some for me. lol.
Love you blog. I am visiting from Hanne's blog.
Cyn; -)

Anne N. said...

Heisann, morsom oppfordring.
Nydelige vesker du har :O)
Jeg har blogget om mine hjemmesydde vesker nå :)
Ha en flott helg.

Yvonne W said...

I have just read your post-- I will go onto my blog now and put in a new post about the only bag I have done-- hopefully 1 bag is still OK!
I do love your bags and purses and will do more myself when I get a chance.

Ann-Mari said...

Jeg er sikkert akkurat for sen til å være med i trekningen, men jeg har blogget om de bagene og posene jeg fant. vet det er flere, men kan ikke finne dem!!
Ha ei flott helg.

Karen said...

I am quite the fan of home made totes, purses, and catch alls.
I was admiring your collection, and a fan of the red and white with the stitching on it.
Where did you find that pattern. I would like to make that one. I too think it would hold my supplies nicely.
Thank you....Karengcg

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