Thursday, November 02, 2006


This photos shows a totally different weather report than a few days ago. Minus 18 C when I woke up this morning. The snow is so beautiful when the sun shines on it.
November 2nd. New month and new goals. What happend with my goals for october:

* oct post: I want to recuce my UFO's. Still have two left of the three UFO's registrated on my quiltgroups UFO challenge to complete. One is basted and is going to be handquilted. I will try to baste the last one this week and perhaps I will machinquilt it.
Yes I did baste the "Say it with flower quilt" and I have quilted 2/3 of it. Have to finish it before nov 30th when we are going to show our finished ufo's at the quilt meeting.

* Oct post: Start making christmas gifts.
NO....and that bothers me. Just 7 weeks until christmas. Better hurry up.

* Oct post: Organize all my patterns. I have to because I have been looking for a certain pattern and I can't find it. And I have a lot of patterns.
Yes, I did organize some of my patterns. I have put all my stitcherypatterns in a cover. I have put all the others in boxes. And I found several lost patterns stucked in books and fabric. One advice on lost patterns: Look in you fabricstash or in books or magagazines.

* Experiment more with my CQ. Looking forward to receive the book I have ordered.
I got the book, but I have done very little on CQ. But I will in november.

* Handquilt on my Spinning wheels NO
* Handquilt on my Sunflower dresden NO
I have concentrated my handquilting on "Say it with flowers"

* Have to continue on the quilt I am going to have above my sofa. The wall is still empty. Have made 3 blocks. One more to make and then put the border on. Priority one.
Yes I have started the last block. Working on it now.

October was not my month of quilting. I got so out of focus. But reading other blogs tell me I was not the only one. So in november I have just a few goals.

No 1 priority is getting focus on my quilting again. So I will not have more goals in november. That means I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I have started onJudy's Quilt for an hour, and I will enjoy doing this one. And I will continue handquilting on my "Say it with flowers" and applique more blocks. But I will not pressure myself to reach any goal this month.

One of my best friends have made a blog. She makes a lot of beautiful things and I hope she will continue blogging. So please take a look at Anita's blog and encourage her to continue. We live so far away from eachoter and that's a pity. But we talk on the phone and teases eachother often. She is a dear friend to me.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the snow pictures are gorgeous! But I'm still happy we don't have snow here yet!

Libby said...

The snow looks so peaceful and serene. It never snows here, so I will get my first snowy winter through all of my blogging friends *s*

Anonymous said...

Hi May Britt
Thank you for the nice compliments. Must say that you are a dear friend to me too. It is so nice to have friends with common interest and the same type of humour.
You have a wonderfull touch with colours on your quilts and you have a habit of choosing the same quilts that I would have choosen ;-D

Darlene said...

The snow is beautiful - definitely no snow for me here in the desert. I can go up into the mountains to enjoy it though!

Unknown said...

Weather looks beautiful - not sure about -18 deg - we've been whinging here about -3 last night - just a bunch of softies in the UK

Cynthia said...

beautiful photos of the snow. I wish i could spend a day there.

jodie said...

The snow looks beautiful under blue sky and sumshine. Just like on a postcard.


Shelina said...

I hope we don't get snow anytime here. It looks so pretty, but I don't like being out in it, especially driving.
Don't worry about not getting very much done this month. Sometimes other things in life are more important. Your goals were very ambitious and hand quilting does take a lot of time.

ForestJane said...

Brrr, that looks cold there! Do you think it will melt much or will it stay all Winter?

We had a freeze warning last night, here in Memphis... lol Means it was JUST cold enough that there might be frost for the first time.

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