Sunday, November 05, 2006

UFO/WISP Challenge for 2007

WISP (Works in slow progress)
I love this word more the word UFO.

And I have a huge pile of WISP's. Why?

Perhaps reason number one is that I am always so curiuos starting new projects. I see a new pattern, a new book or something at the net (read; you other bloggers) and I start on a new project before finishing what I am already working on. But I know I am not the only one. You agree that it is more fun starting a new project than working on an old one??? But then it feels soooooo good when I get one finished.

Reason no two may be that I handquilt almost all my projects, and that takes time. But I enjoy handquilting and find it so relaxing......and pretty. When a quilt is pieced by hand I want to quilt it by hand. When it's pieced by machine (like the nov quilt I'm doing now) I will try to machinquilt it.

Lucy at Quilting with the past reduced her UFOpile in a clever way. Perhaps this can be done with some of my WISP's. Take a look on her blog and see what she did.

Sandie at abeutifulcraft have suggested a challenge for 2007 to reduce our WISP/UFO during next year. You can read about it in her blog.
I have had goals each month and when I in the end of the month realize that just some of them are completed, it is perhaps better with goals for a year.

On tuesday I am going to a UFO-meeting. We are some quilting friends who agreed some weeks ago that we should meet and do something about our UFO's. I have already packed the one I am going to work on. By meeting an evening each month I think we can encourage eaghother to work on our UFO's.

I want to share some important words.


Nina In Norway said...

Sound like a good idea. I have asked Sandie if I can participate. Anyway it is an ongoing process. I love starting new projects. But it is just like you are saying: it feels SOOOOO god when a project is done.

Sweet P said...

I love her term WISP so much better than UFO. I have already decided to work on my WISPs throughout the coming year so I'll working along with you and everyone else.

Darlene said...

I love WISP - I tend to work on one project at a time to it's completion however my applique and hexagon projects are probably WISPs.

I wrote down the "important words" that you listed - yes they are very important words. Thank you! I keep an spiral journal by my computer where I jot notes regarding things I see on the internet - sites, inspirations, etc. I listed those words in my book and will add to that list as I think of other "important words". Thank you, May!

Libby said...

It is time for me to take stock, see what is really a WISP or UFO and make a plan. With a new year coming, this is a good time to begin making a plan.

JK said...

Thanks May for that link to the UFO quilt. She did a fantastic job and it is stunning! Since I am not a sane quilter, I can only imagine how much work went into this. I am also taking up the challenge with Sandie, and I have even included two vintage chairs that have been sitting waiting for me to re-upholster them. But I am doing the olderst UFO/WISP first and work from there. Good Luck on your challenge!

Hedgehog said...

I just love the term 'WISP'. I don't have many - and they aren't with me here - but I will be a cheerleader!! I'm in danger of having WISPs soon, though, because I'm starting so many new projects!

Tazzie said...

My DJ is definitely a WISP. I hope it doesn't take as long as the first one, but it's heading in that direction.
I love those inspirational words, words of wisdom for the beginning of a new week.

Patti said...

Oh, I really love that name also! Did you make this up yourself or read it somewhere. Much more appealing than UFO's. My the title on my list is going to change as soon as I'm done with this comment!

Susan said...

Is that a poster, or the front of a card, or ??? I like it. I think it's fun to discover that language doesn't really matter - we have the same feelings and the same needs as women everywhere.

abeautifulcraft said...

May .... I can't wait to see some of your WISP being completed, shall be oodles of fun.

sharonb said...

This I think is a good challenge - I am going to clear some of my WISPs too

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