Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did I buy anything at the quilt meeting????

Not very much. I was a clever girl this time. Actually I did not have much time to visit the shops because of a lot of work with the whole event. But I got time to look a little bit through the shops and was able to spend some money.

I bought two books. Pat Sloans book Friend to friend quilts is one I have wanted to buy for a while now, and now I got a great bargain. I paid just a few dollar for it. And it was good I got a great bargain on the first book, because the next one was too expensive. But I had to have it. It has 156 cute little blocks. It is japaneese patterns translated to french. I know a little french, but the book has great photos to explain the patterns.
Take a peak inside the book. Beautiful isn't it.
And then I bought four patterns. Three with stitchery and one toilet purse. The stitchery is from the shop Northern Quilts which has so many great "norwegian" stitchery patterns. I plan to start on the spring table runner now.

And of course I had to buy this beautiful box. It is soooo romantic. Together with the light green/cream bundle of fabric and the one pink I bought. I will make a nice tablerunner of the fabric and put the box on top of it.
And I got a gift frm my good friend Anita. A bag with pattern and fabric to make a little angel bag. The local quilt group had made this bag and they called it Angel from Hell. A proof that there is angels in Hell :)
Yesterday evening I got some time to sew and it felt wonderful :)
Quilt saying for today:

I'm creative.
You can't expect me to be neat too.


Leigh said...

You came home with lovely things. I can't wait to see the table runner.
The box and the fabrics are to die for!

Anne Heidi said...

I am so glad you found time to do some shopping in between all your work :) It was a wonderful weekend, and so nice to meet you in person. Looks like you had fun i Katies class, she was a great teacher, don't you think?

CONNIE W said...

Shopping at the quilt shows & meetings is so fun. With the books and patterns you will have many new projects. I like the fabric with the dots, it looks like something I would add to my stash as well. Enjoy the sewing! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, my dear friend !
I'm so happy for you ! Thanks for the beautiful photos, and descriptions. This really must have been a wonderful, interesting week, and your choices for treats are delightful !
I'm happy, too, that you could sew again, yesterday. I guess you just felt in heaven !

Biiiig hugs & smiles !
I'm sooo happy that you're back....

Pam said...

For not shopping very much you did pretty good. I can see why you wanted the Japanese pattern book. Looks like a great book.

Thanks for all the photos. It looks like you all put on a great annual quilt meeting and show. Congratulations. All that hard work, well worth the effort.

Susan said...

So glad you got to stitch for a bit to relieve the pressure........

Looks like you snagged a few wonderful things while you were there.

Rose Marie said...

It looked like all of you had fun at the class! You did pretty good at shopping.
BTW, I like the daily quotes that you have for every post.

Sweet P said...

Beautiful treasure to bring home from the show. I love the box. It is adorable.

Have fun sewing!

Hanne said...

What lovely purchases May Britt :-)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Ohhh!!!! That Japanese/French book looks wonderful! You may get addicted to those blocks!

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