Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My class with Katie Pasquini Masopust

When everybody who had joined the annual quiltmeeting had left on sunday evening it got so quiet. And we all had the feeling that the whole event had been very succesfull. The ladies had been to lectures, had seen our beautiful exhibitions, met new and old friends and done a lot of shopping. It has been a weekend full of laughter and smiles.

When all the ladies had left it was the boards time to go to a class. And this time we had Katie Pasquini Masopust as our teacher. She is a wonderful lady. The way she was teaching us is was brilliant. Did you know she is half Norwegian. She told us that her mother came from Drammen, and she emigrated with her parents to america as a child. It was Katie's first visit in Norway and we were happy to have her lecturing and teaching at our annual meeting.

I am not an art quilter, so this was something new for me. But it is always interesting to explore something different. So Katie made us do some fun exercises to compose quilts. She is writing a new book about compositions in art quilts.

On the first photo you can see the results of one of exercises. Mine is on the top left (that lime green one)

Never have the board been so silent together LOL. But we was so eager to do what Katie told us to do. Here we are drawing shapes to create a pattern. This was fun and I think I will try to make mine in to a quilt. That will be my first artquilt. I have to think about it, and play some more with the colours in it. But I love the way my shapes turned out.
Another excersise we had to to was to paint blind folded. Katie played different music and we had to paint on our paper. It was a bit scary, but very fun. It was not easy to know where to paint or what colours I got on my paintbrush. And we was to paint on our own paper and not on the neighbours. And we should also try not to paint on the neighbour LOL.
Of course I had forgotten (we all had) to bring a paintshirt. So we had to improvise. Look at me. I am wearing a apron made of bubble plastic. You know that kind that is wrapped around things, the one that is so fun to pop the bubbles on. They taped it on me and it worked just fine. They started to call me the bubble lady LOL
This is the results of our blindfolded painting. But what to make out of this?????? I am sure Katie have a explanation on it.
Katie was an excellent teacher. And I learned a lot of tricks how to design my own quilts. To make art quilts is so new to me. I am a traditional quilter by heart. But it would be fun to try to make one.
On the next photos Katie is showing how to sew this quilts together.

And finally Katie with the whole class.
I had a great time togehter with Katie. She is so lovely and inspiring. And she makes the most lovely quilts. Her ideas are so great. And her machinequilting is brilliant. So thank you dear Katie for visiting Norway and the Norwegian Quilt Association.
Quilt saying for today:
Angels paint with sound
and sing with color


Helen said...

What a challenge painting blindfolded! Definitely scary!

The Calico Cat said...

Sounds like you had a nice time, thanks for sharing your experience!

CONNIE W said...

When groups gather like yours did there is such a great opportunity for the exchange of ideas, then you add a teacher like Katie to stretch everyone's thoughts and the results can be unlimited. I remember seeing her once on HGTV "Simply Quilts". I too have never made an art quilt but the idea intrigues me. It sounds like you had a perfectly enjoyable experience. :D

Darlene said...

Sounds like you had an incredible time with Katie and everything around you.

Yes, you were missed but it's nice to know that you were away having fun.

Teodo said...

Hi, fantastic and thanks for sharing us these beautiful pictures. ciao ciao

Pam said...

I have never heard of her before (I learn so much from my blogging friends) Her quilts are really cool. They look like abstract paintings, I thought she just painted on fabric -but yet it is fabric, made to look like painting. I bet it was a fascinating class.

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