Monday, April 07, 2008

Kaffe Fassett visit NQF

And then The Norwegian Quilt Associations 20th quilt meeting was over. It has been a very hectic weekend. My feet are sore, my back is hurting and I am so tired. With hard days work during the day to get everything in order, late nights to prepare for next day and a lot of walking from one task to another, no wonder my body hurts right now. But it was a successful meeting. Over 600 registrated members and I can guess over 600 daily visitors. I have a lot to show you but first................

My meeting with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably.

They arrived Oslo thursday and I got the honor of meeting them at the airport. I was a bit nervous, but it was nothing to be afraid of. They were both so easy to talk to. So friendly and warm. Kaffe and Brandon have visited Norway earlier and they were thrilled to be back. And my impression was that they enjoyed this weekend with us. I even told Kaffe about my cat sitting on his quilts at my home. He laughed and said: "Cats always approves the best quilts".

Thursday evening the whole board had dinner with them.

Friday they had their first workshop where the ladies made bowties. It was so interesting to see how the progress on their quilts was.

Saturday Kaffe Fassett had a lecture for about 500 ladies. It was a great lecture and it was fun to hear how he is working on both his quilts and knitting. After the lecture he signed books. And as you see there was a lot of women that had brought their books to be signed.

Here is my friend Elisabeth sitting besides Kaffe to have her book signed. She is a huge fan of his work and have made several quilts inspired from his books.
I visited his workshop on sunday. It looked like the ladies had great fun playing with their fabrics and getting advice from Kaffe . I wish I could have joined the workshops, but since I'm in the board there are no time for us joining workshops. We have to organize the whole event, and believe me there are a lot of work to do.

And of course I had to have a photo of me togheter with Kaffe and Brandon. Behind us is some of the work from sundays workshops.
And of course I got my book signed from both Kaffe and Brandon. Can you see what Brandon wrote in my book. He called me Princess all weekend. I will treasure this book for ever. And start collecting Kaffes fabrics. I am so inspired now.
Saying for today:

A teacher takes a hand,
opens a mind,
and touches a heart.


Stina Blomgren said...

oh...seems like a fantastic weekend...and guess you have more to show us!!! I love his colourchoices and how he experiments with patterns and flowerfabrics...this is the other me...the colours I love for my own clothes...and have so hard to have in my home...;D

jacquie said... looks like all your hard work paid off. Princess indeed!

Unknown said...

It seems that the weekend was a success and you were having a great time although you are tired now.

Elin said...

I know you had a great weekend. I guess you are relieved now that everything seemed to turn out so smoothly. Sit down and relax. I wish I had been there, and next year I will attend if I can.

Nancy in Norway said...

Hallo Princess
I envy you having the opertunity to participate in the lecture with Kaffe Fassett (while I was strugeling witn the moneybox without key.) SMILE No hard feelings :-)

blueberrylane said...

Hi Princess May Britt, glad to hear the weekend was a success, sounds like you had a great time even if you worked ;) The workshops looked great.

Chookasmum said...

Hi Princess,
so pleased that you had a wonderful weekend,looking forward to more photos

Tracey in CT said...

It sounds like a great weekend! I'm sure it was worth the work and I'm sure that you are inspired to start a few new projects now!

Anne Ida said...

Good morning princess! Hope you got a good nights sleep! Looks like a great part of the meeting! I'm happy both you and Elisabeth got books signed :o)

Anonymous said...

Such nice memories for you, Elisabeth....and all other participants, of course ! K. Fasset is a magician with colors, I just can't put aside the wonderful book Elisabeth gave to me. No doubt you had a GREAT weekend !


sewprimitive karen said...

Wow, Hanne, congratulations on all the hard work you did. That was truly a major event!

The Calico Cat said...

How neat! The fabrics that I got were designed by Brandon & I love them!

Lorenza said...

What a great week-end! I'm a Kaffee Fasset fan and I wish I 'd be there

Carin said...

How wonderful! It sounds absolutly wonderful!


Tusen takk for du deler dette med oss som i år ikke kunne dra.

Liz said...

Hi May, how lucky to be up close and personal with Kaffe Fassett.
He seems to be a very nice easy going guy from what I have heard and seen on a couple of segments of Simply Quilts. You must feel like a star!! Unfortunate that you couldn't do a workshop though but at least you had your book signed.
I have started to collect his fabrics too, they are so bold and different to the usual fabrics. He has an amazing talent. The photography in his books are just divine too.
Kind regards from Liz

Chookyblue...... said...

wow what a chance to pick Kaffe up.......wonderful weekend.......

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