Friday, August 15, 2008

Another giveaway and back home.....alone

Carla is giving away a beautiful scarf here. And I really want this because my neck is hurting so much now.....need something warm and nice to put around it :) My neck got like this after driving the car to Trondheim and back home (5 hours driving each way). My DD has moved there to study photo for 2 years, and I helped her moving her things, hanging up curtains, shopping at Ikea (have I told you I hate going to IKEA) putting together furniture (and I only got a few spare screws LOL). I know she is going to have a great time in Trondheim because most of her friends from back home is studying there too, and it is a great city to live in.

It was very special coming back home to an empty house. Just Frida cat saying meooow to me when I came home. But that's life, the children has to move out of the house and settle down for themselves. And when I know they are doing great, I am happy for them.

On our way up to Trondheim we had a little stop at Tynset where Anne Heidi has her shop Lappemor.

This was my first visit to her shop, and I know it will not be the last one. A cosy little quiltshop with a lot of samples hanging on the walls.Did not buy that much this time. Just a green fabric fr my Joy of Life project, some ric-rac and a big jar of white buttons. I was so happy when I found it in her display and she told me that I could buy it. Look at all those beautiful buttons SMILE (I have borrowed this photo from you Anne Heidi, hope it is ok)
And when I came home these books was waiting for me. Ordered from Bookdepository. Very fast delivery and they have Free Worldwide Delivery.

This weekend I am going to enjoy these books, relaxing, watching tv (old movies) and SEW. Just spend some days in my sewingroom.

Donna have sendt me the name of my swap partner in the SSCS. I am so thrilled that it is this girl. She has a very inspiring blog that I visit often. And I think I know what to make for her.
Perhaps I will start her christmaspresent this weekend. And I promise you a lot of sneakpeak of it............just to tease you all :) Wonder who my secret santa is??? Do you visit my blog and comment?? Are you a new blogger to me or do I know you??? It is so fun doing secret swaps.

BTW Donna is having her birthday today so visit her blog and say Happy Birthday. She deserves it because she is such a nice girl administrating this SSCS for us.

Saying for today:
If calories are an issue, store your chocolate on top of the fridge. Calories are afraid of heights and they will jump out of the chocolate to protect themselves


Stina Blomgren said...

Thanks for showing us some pictures from the shop... Lovely!!
And I hope everything will work out just fine with your daughter..and as you said ...they must start to live on their own!!
My daughter is leaving on Tuesday for 3 years of study...So I know how you feel...and you got the best medicin for that...a whole weekend in the sewingrom!! Good luck!!

Lorraine said...

lovely photos of the shop! ..and my chocolate is going straight up on the fridge! LOL.......good luck to your daughter with her studies....they grow up so quickly and are gone...but sometimes they come back...LOL...I will be visiting to see your sneak peeks of your Christmas project...!

suz said...

Another lovely shop - that peak of her samples was wonderful. My son left for college but moved home afterward (very expensive to live around our area). I love him dearly but he needs to move out. LOL
I was laughing when I saw your comment about IKEA. IKEA is a real big deal around here because they are very rare. We are actually planning a special trip to IKEA this weekend. There are only 2 in our area-one about 2 hours from my house and the other about 6 or 7 hours, so its a planned road trip with friends and/or family and very exciting to go to. We go armed with lists for ourselves and for friends who can't get there. We all wish there was one closer. :-) I guess when things are uncommon they are more enticing.

Teresa said...

Good Morning,
So sorry your neck is bothering. I enjoyed your pictures today and do hope you have a wonderful weekend of sewing. My daughter and her family moved out of our house last weekend into their new home, and while I am happy for them and its nice to have some privacy back, I sure do miss them being in the house. Life is always an adjustment of some sort.

Anne Heidi said...

Oh I hope your neck will get better soon. It was great to meet your daughter- she is a very sweet girl, and I hope she will enjoy her photography studies. Enjoy the books- hey free shipping- I'll have to check out their shop now.... Have a great weekend! It was good seeing you again :-)

eugenia said...

Que preciosidad de tienda. :·))

Unknown said...

I also hate going to IKEA. Thanks for showing us the the quiltshop.

Chookyblue...... said...

hope the neck is better seening in Anne Heidi's shop..........thanks for the kind wishes for my birthday.......sounds like you are already having lots of fun with the sscs........

Anonymous said...

Still laughing about your saying of the day!! If only that could be true....!
My DD went to her studentdorm last week for the first time. She'll be home for the weekends but the house IS empty during the week (and less messy *lol*)
And what's that about IKEA?? Love that store!!

Leanne said...

LOL I thought I was the only one to NEVER read the Ikea instructions before making the furniture and ending up with screws left over.

Nanette Merrill said...

I have 2 of those books but the quilt book looks so inviting, I may have to get that one too. Let me know how you like it.

Betsy said...

I want to get the material obsession book since I love their blog. The book is soooo expensive. Is it worth buying?

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