Friday, August 29, 2008


WOW....this has been such a hectic week. Both at work and at home. So I really need this weekend to relax now, and hopefully get some sewing done.

Today after work I stopped by the quiltshop, as I always does on fridays because they have a long opening at the shop. On other days the shop is closed when I'm off work. Perhaps that's good for my wallet LOL. Today when I came by Irene at the shop told me she had something to show me............ and she laughed..........she probably knew I was going to fall for this ....... and she asked me if I could make a sample.

Look how cute these photos are. I'm going to iron them on line and make a bag of it. And of course I have to add som old lace, some cute buttons and perhaps some ric rac. And perhaps I make a workshop of it if I'm satisfied with the result. I'll start tomorrow after visiting my mother.

This evening I've just relaxed and stitched on my fourth block of Butterfly Garden. And almost falling asleep in front of the tv. I have lit some candles because it's very dark outside now. The autumn is coming very fast now. Just a few warm degrees during the night, but lovely warm sun in daytime.

And tomorrow I have to go to the postoffice to collect a package. Got a note in the mailbox today that a package from Spane had arrived. Wonder what it is.

Saying for today:
Autumn is a second spring
when every leaf is a flower


Noémia said...

These photos are lovely. I can wait to see the bag you will make. Certainly it will be very romantic and pretty!

Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes said...

Ah, Mae Britt, how I enjoy your blog! I agree about this week - it has been unbelievable at my job, too! I'm heading to the sewing machine in just a few minutes to soothe away the stress. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of those pictures and that fabric. Fun stuff!

Lorraine said...

I always look forward to Fridays and always fall asleep stitching on Friday nights......!! Nice that your quilt shop stays open late on a Friday night....! Have a great weekend!!!

Stina Blomgren said...

Oh...that looks really interesting!!! I just love what you showed... :o)
And your Butterfly Garden is coming along really nice!!! Hmmm..definetly need to start up mine!!
Hope for you many lovely sewing hours in your sewing room this weekend!

Mila said...

I'm waiting for your lovely bag, waiting for your stitchers angels desing, waiting ... everything you make is very interesting...
Ah! and the butterfy gardens... ufff.. very lovely.

Teresa said...

That is such a pretty saying you have today.

Unknown said...

Will you show us the bag when finished?

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Oi! Teppet ditt blir nydelig! Gleder meg til å se mer:-)
Du skal ikke delta i mysteriet og få stussa restekassen litt da? Jeg ble helt hekta! Jeg syr og skjærer til krampa tar meg, og litt til... Jeg liker disse restequiltene, og nå blir det endelig en jeg kanskje blir ferdig med:-)

SG said...

I love the photos! I hope you show us the bag :)

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