Saturday, December 23, 2006

My christmas quilts

I promised you a tour around my christmas quilts. I have just a few things to do before the christmas holiday can start. And I am so proud I am far ahead of schedule so when my boys are coming home today I can sit down and enjoy christmas.

The first one is from BOM Snowman collector. I have sewed all the 12 blocks, but I made a quilt with only four of them. The rest of the blocks are going to be christmasquilts for my DS and DD when they get their own homes. The colours are not good in this photo, but could not manage to get it better.

My winter quilt after a pattern from Kristin Pollen.

I love this one. Snowmen celebrating christmas. A pattern from american P&Q
My christmas stitchery. The colours are so bad in this photo. I will try to photo it again later. I love this one. Bronwyn Hayes pattern from Australian countrythreads.

My log cabin with stars.

A christmas quilt from Bareroots pattern.
My seven sisters christmas table cloth. Made of diamonds english paper pieceing.

A log cabin santa.
From a Nancy Halvorsen pattern.

Also from Nancy Halvorsen pattern
Nissen is guarding my stairs. He holds a lamp which I light a candle in every evening. As you see there is not much snow yet. But it has been very cold. I am so looking forward to these christmas days. I am a true believer in santa and I think he will find us this year also.

Blogger was very kind now and allowed me to upload all these photos. May be blogger is in christmas spirit too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, May Britt, your Christmas quilts are absolutely lovely ! Thanks for showing ! This leads me to decide I HAVE TO make a Christmas quilt for next year ! (Would you believe I haven't got any ?)
Thanks for the beautiful poem, too. I'm going to copy and print the four parts together, and will read them for Advent time, next year....
Hugs & smiles,

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that BOM Snowman quilt. The blocks are adorable!!! So far all my holiday quilts have been of christmas trees, but now I'm craving a snowman quilt...

Paula, the quilter said...

What a lovely assortment of Christmas quilts you have, May. I, too, have that snowman quilt. I wish I could send you some of our snow. The piles on the sides of the walks and streets are so tall one cannot throw the snow that high! We definately will have a White Christmas

Pam said...

How nice of you to show us all your Christmas quilts. Your house must look wonderful. I hope you get some snow for Christmas night.

Merry Christmas

Sølvis blog said...

Thanks for sharing all these lovely christmas-quilts with ut. that remains med - i have to find my winter-quilt an display it too. it is the same as the blue one with snowballs on. Merry christmas to you and your too - and thanks for all the good moments reading your blog this last year.

Susan said...

Oh May, the log cabin table runner and the Log Cabin Santa are my favorites. Great work.

Maddie Can Fly said...

May Britt, you have so many beautiful Christmas quilts. I'm a big snowmen lover so I especially like the ones you have. Excellent work -- you should be so proud to have so many finished quilts.

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