Monday, April 23, 2007

The goodies in the post

Just before leaving on my quilt trip I told you that I had got some goodies in the mailbox.

First of all was the beautiful siggies from blogging friends all over the world. I look forward to sew them together. But I have not decided how yet. Have to play a bit with them.
Then came this georgius cat fabric from Amy. She knew I was looking for a fabric with abysinian cats on. And she found one. The dark pink cat is a abysinian cat. Thank you Amy, I love it. Do not know what to make of it yet, have to think about it.

Then there came a beutiful green fabric from Sigrun. I had helped her with som sewing questions and as a thank she sendt me this beautiful fabric. I know exactly where to use this. In my new romantic style :)

And when I came home from the quilt cabin another envelope in the mailbox. This time from Donna in Australia. It was a pattern that I had asked for and she had also added a quilt magazine for me. Thank you so much Donna.


The Calico Cat said...

I might do something like Tonya does - where you just add a border & quilt it!

(Did you get the template too?)

Anonymous said...

Isn't life wonderful, when our mailbox is overflowing with quilty surprises from friend ! I know how you feel and I'm so happy for you : you deserve it !

I was thinking of using the same setting for my siggies, not quite sure yet... Now don't come in a few days with your top already finished ! Do you hear me ? LOL LOL LOL

Hugs & smiles to you !

Susan said...

Such delightful treats to get in the mail. Aren't the siggies wonderful?

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