Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goals for 2007

Very late yesterday I wrote a loooong post about my goals for 2007, but when I was to publish it everything disapeared :( Blogger did not cooperate and I lost everything because I had not saved it. I have learned my lesson now (I think) and will use the "save as draft" button often now. Do I remember what I wrote.......I'll give it a try.

Yesterday it was the first day at work in the new year. Very hectic but ok. I feels good to come into daily routine again after all the relaxing, eating, partying and sleeping. I am too old to stay up until five in the morning :) I have still my christmas decorations up, but will remove them this weekend. I have felt a bit lost this christmas. I have not been able to sit and sew at my favorite spot because I had to move my sewingligth to another place because of the christmas tree. And the tree is also blocking the wiev to the tv. It feels not right to sit and sew in the sofa. Perhaps thats why I have got so little sewing done during the christmas. Looking forward to get my sewing spot back again :)

My main goal for 2007 is to have fun with what I am doing. I will not stress and feel guilty if I do not finish a project. If I find something new I want to try I'll do it. And I know I'll be tempted like before. There is always so much inspiration on your blogs and I discover new patterns and books all the time.

I have joined a challenge. In fact I think it was I who suggested it. I am going to sew "Applique designs" with Nadine and Darlene. There is 50 blocks in this quilt and if we sew one block each week we will have the top finished next christmas. I have already done 12 blocks and can have a slooooow start.

But I love making these small blocks and therefore I spend yesterday evening preparing 5 new blocks. I ironed the freezerpaper templates on fabric and cut them out. I place each block in an envelope to keep them in order. I even traced the pattern on to the background so the blocks are ready to be appliqued.

I have also joined Sandie's UFO/WISP 2007 challenge. I have decided I'll try to finish one ufo/wisp each month. May be more if they are small. I like the word WISP (work in slow progress) better than UFO (unfinished objects), or perhaps WIVSP (work in very slow progress) even better. I will not list my WISP's because they are too many and I do not know which one I am going to start with. I'll rather surprise you and show them when they are done.

I will continue handquilting on the quilts I already have started to handquilt. But when I going to finish WISP's I'll try to machinquilt. Number one reason for doing this is that they will be finished faster, number two reason is that I need more practice machinquilting and number three reason is in fact that I trust myself that much now in machinquilting. Think I am starting to get good results.

I'll reduce my fabric stash. And I promise you I'll use my newest fabrics. Why save them for later. It's now they are beautiful. I have saved a lot of fabrics because I have not "dared" to use them. But when I look at them months (years) later I find them dull and not so pretty anymore. So let us use our newest fabrics. I challenge you to do that too. I believe I'm not the only one saving new fabric for later.

I think this may be realistic goals. I know I'll get tempted and start on new projects. But I also know I'll reduce my WISP's. I know I'll buy more fabric, but I will try hard to reduce my fabric stash.

I am looking forward to a new year of visiting your blogs. And I hope you visit mine.

I will leave comments on you posts and I hope you leave comments on mine.

Let 2007 be a year filled with inspiration, friendship, joy and good health.


Cynthia said...

I'm planning on working on UFOs this year. I am hoping to complete at least five before i begin any new projects.

Your applique blocks you will be working on with Nadine and Darlene look lovely. I will be visiting each of your blogs to watch your progress.

I also have some "special" fabrics i have been hanging on to for a while and you are right about using them now. Maybe i should reward myself with a new project using these fabrics once i have finished my five UFOs.

Anonymous said...

Very wise goals, indeed, my friend ! I'm so happy we're having a challenge together with Darlene !
Oooooh, why didn't I add to my list that I allowed myself to start a new project ????? Is is too late now for doing it ? LOL
I admire you to progress on machine quilting. I know I'll never , ever, do it, because I don't enjoy very much any machine process. I much rather prefer any hand process... but it's slower, I know.....
For the moment, I'm trying to find an idea of English paper piecing a single pattern charm quilt, to reduce my stash (no hexagons, if possible, as I already made a GMFG) any idea for me ?

Oh, what a great year we're going to have again, exchanging ideas !

Biiig hugs & smiles,

Joyce said...

What is it about quilters and new beautiful fabric? I too have a hard time cutting into one that I really like and it's even worse with hand dyes. I am trying very hard this year to just go ahead and use up those nice pieces so I can go out and get some more.

jodie said...

I love your ideas for 2007. How true what you say about not using new fabric. Good luck with your goals.

Best Wishes, Jodie

Pam said...

The applique quilt that is the challenge is such a pretty quilt. It will be so nice to see it x 3.

I have not been quilting for the very same reason - my Christmas tree is taking up the spot my light usually sits - and it really has put me a bit out of sorts. But it will be coming down either today or Friday. Good luck with your goals for 2007 - and Happy New Year.

Angie said...

Happy New Year, May Britt! I had to laugh as I read your post...I have a hard time settling in to sew when my favorite spot is otherwise occupied. And I so admire you just going ahead and starting new projects if you feel like it. That's what I do, and needless to say, I have many many WISPS! ROFL I have just this morning finished prepping some hand-applique, and I'm soooo tempted to join you, Nadine, and Darlene with that BOM applique project (I have had that book for ages!!). Hmmm, maybe I'll just do that. :) And girl, I truly have a problem 'using' those gorgeous new fabrics, why, what if I find ANOTHER project that would be even better ROFL after I've started cutting into them. Oh my goodness, we are such a funny lot. :~0

Nancy in MT said...

Hi May, I'm with you, I'm not going to feel bad because I find a new project tempting while I leave others unfinished, quilting gives me joy in a stressful life, so I will work with new and old fabrics that inspire me as well as new and old projects. Nancy in MT

Darlene said...

I love your goals, May Britt and I'm really excited about our challenge. I'll get busy prepping my blocks later today. I've been teasing Nadine about my color scheme. LOL
This is the year to enjoy the process of what we do. We shouldn't feel the need to apologize for starting something new or abandoning a project that doesn't "speak" to us. Fun, fun, fun!

meggie said...

I know all about hoarding fabric! Saving lovely ones for 'just the right project, & gloating over them in the meantime!

Good luck with all your goals- but remember -you make the rules, so you can change them any time you like.

Happy 2007, May Britt

Libby said...

Happy New Year -- you are so smart to suggest using the newest fabrics. I have several selections that have been saved because they were too wonderful to use until just the right project comes along. Now they sit sadly on the shelf, not really the favorites and unable to find a home. I plan to keep your idea in mind all the year long *s*

Tazzie said...

Hi there hon
I know this is not a help now, but maybe for the future ... I discovered in a panic one day what when you use the 'back' button after your post has all gone missing mysteriously, you will find it again.
I don't know how or why, but it has rescued me in the past a couple of times.

Sweet P said...

I don't have any new fabrics to play with. The last time I bought fabric was in August and I've already used it. I do have some charms coming in a few days so I guess I'll have to use right away, huh?

I want to get better a machine quilting too.

I'll be watching the progress on your applique quilt.

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

Hi! I just found your blog and thought I'd say hi! I loved reading about all your quilts..your work is just wonderful! I am in South Korea with my family...hubby is in the Air Force and we are stationed here for the next two years. I would love to have you over for a cup of coffee and talk "fabric" cause I found you lovely but since we are so far away I am having one myself while reading all about you. If you'd like to take a peek at my life come on over to our blog! Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you

Hanne said...

Good goals May Britt :-)
I might join you in the applique block challenge - unofficially, on the sideline, half speed - 2 blocks a month. If you don't mind that is :-)

Patti said...

Five in the morning! My goodness! I couldn't stay up nearly that late even when I WAS young!

You are displaying wisdom in setting those goals - having fun IS the main purpose! I love the little blocks you three are appliquéing - it will be so much fun to see all your progress, and compare and contast the various colors and fabrics each of you choose to put your own "signature" on this quilt. Yes - do use your special fabrics! I've never understood the "I'm afraid to cut into this mentality". It's so much more fun to use the fabrics you love, and much more enjoyable when you can see them in finished quilts.


Susan said...

Great plans you have for the coming year........... You will have some wonderful finishes no matter what path you take.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love your little applique blocks so far! Great going! I"m sooo slow with applique. And tire of it pretty quick! I love your special fabrics. Don't we all have some like that!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, WISP is a much better term! And I love your applique fabric choices, think I'll have to go go find that book too!

Clare said...

My goal is not to start a new project before finishing the current one, and to get through all these blogs before the end of 2007 LOL.

Happy New Year.

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