Saturday, January 20, 2007

Siggie swap

What have I started LOL It is so fun that I go so many commenents on my siggie quilt.
Cynthia and I have started to "talk" about details in a siggie swap among us bloggers. So if you want to join a blog siggie swap please write a comment on Cynthia's blog. We have to organize this some way and make some rules. What about the postage cost from "swap mom" back to you? Do you have any ideas how to do this? And what pattern should we sew? It must be an easy and fast one to make. What do you think? Please make a comment to Cynthia and tell her.


Patti said...

I love the idea of a siggie swap - especially if we give ourselves plenty of time to get the blocks done. They just completed a siggie swap on the Jo Morton list that turned out really neat. They used the Indian Hatchet block. Quilters Cache has a pattern for a 4" block which would be a nice size to swap. Here is the link: I know other groups send along stamps with the blocks. Not sure how to do that for a world wide swap however.

Pam said...

I think that would be fun to do a siggy swap amoung the bloggers. Count me in. It would be so fun to have a quilt full of blogger blocks!!

Not sure if we could just figure out a way to send the money though. I wonder if just getting a bit of currency from a currency exchange in each country and including it in the package?

Caron Mosey said...

I'd love to participate in a siggy swap. I'm in the USA in Michigan. I like the block Patti suggested... I know there are many to choose from. I'm not fussy!

Caron Mosey in Michigan

Paula, the quilter said...

That is the block I was going to recommend. You can see a whole quilt using this block here:
The Quilter: Isn't it a lovely quilt?

MARCIE said...

I love your idea! The quilt you did is fabulous! I would love to participate in an exchange.

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