Saturday, January 27, 2007

Siggie Swap

Cynthia have now published the rules for this siggie swap among bloggers. If you want to join us visit her blog here and sign up. This will be fun and I hope a lot of bloggers join us in this swap.
(Please forgive me Cynthia for using your photo in my blog :)


Luísa Silva said...

Just a few words about yours "quilt sayings". They are so funny that I became an addict f them, allways expecting for the next one.

Anonymous said...

You bet I'll join you ! This is going to be sooo much fun ! I just emailed Cynthia to sign up (and I think I'm going to make some blocks this afternoon, "just in case" LOL)...
Thanks for your good help with Cynthia in this matter !... And remember : make a special block for me, with a label "Nadine" on it ! LOL LOL (I'm kidding, of course)...
Biiig hugs & smiles !
PS : for the cream fabric in the siggie, wouldn't it be easier to cut strips, sew the double triangles on opposite sides, and then square to a 6.5 inch block ?

Anonymous said...

OOOPS? sorry : I meant a 6" square (not 6.5), ...that's me !


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That looks great, I'm keen. You are achieving so much lately. I suppose with the weather that cold you are not tempted by a lot of outdoor things like we are at the moment.
You should be very proud of your beautiful work.
I also loved the fabric and the good sayings-especially the one about housework and sewing!! Keep warm, tracey

jodie said...

Thanks for advising the Siggie Swap was underway, I have emailed Cynthia to sign up for all the fun!
I did ask Cynthia and will ask you too, when we write on the cream strip what direction should it be in? ie bottom left to top right? In the sample blocks they are displayed both ways.

Cynthia said...

thanks May Britt for posting the photo of the blocks on your blog. No i don't mind you doing that. Hopefully this will encourage other bloggers to join in the swap:-)

Pam said...

I joined the siggy swap. I like the block. Great pictures from your quilt meeting the other day.

meggie said...

All your work is beautiful!
I love seeing pics of other people's work.
Also love the sayings.
Good Luck to everyone for the Siggie Swap!

Julia said...

All your quilts are beautiful!
Also love the little quilting sayings.
Good Luck to everyone in the Siggie Swap!

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