Saturday, January 27, 2007

Work for fabric

Look at these lovely fabrics I got yesterday. And I did not breake my fabric diet for january. Some days ago I helped counting fabric in our quilt shop, and for that I could choose some fabric. I waited until this weekend because I knew they would get new fabrics. And look....they got the new collection from Lecien. This collection is called Mrs March collection in Antique. Take a look here and you can see the whole collection. The quiltshop has only a few of this collection yet, but I hope the rest is arriving soon. I adore fabrics from Lecien. They are so delicious. And if you remember I got a big bundle of Lecien fabrics from my children for christmas.
Today I will work on my cube quilt. I got several questions about this quilt. It is a pattern from a Kaffe Fassette book. It was my friends book so I do not know the name of the book now. I hand stitch every block and I will make it so big that I can use it on a singel bed.

Quilt saying for today:
Sewing and crafts fill my days
not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets


Darlene said...

Oh my goodness those fabrics are YUMMY - great selection!

I'm excited about the Siggie Swap and I've already sent my e-mail to Cynthia. WooHoo! :-)

Anonymous said...

And you sure made the right choice! Lecien fabrics are adorable, the only difficulty with them being to choose among them... (LOL)
No wonder you had many questions about your cubes : they're so pretty ! You say you piece them by hand>>> with paper ? (English paper piecing ?). Don't laugh ! You KNEW I was going to ask that !

Biiig hugs & smiles,

Sweet P said...

Beautiful fabrics and a great way to get paid for working. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts from your quilt group. All of them are great!

I like your scissors holders. Cool gifts to make for sewing friends.

I signed up for the siggie swap. This will be a fun project.

Libby said...

Working for fabrics - a wonderful job

jodie said...

I like your fabrics they are really pretty, any plans for them?


Cynthia said...

beautiful fabrics May Britt. Lucky you.

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I love the look of those fabrics! And to get them for helping in a quilt shop - what a deal! That's almost like not even working. =) I'll have to look for those fabrics.

I'll be heading over to Cynthia's to read the rules next.

Jenni said...

Lovely fabrics - a fair trade for helping in the store. I don't want go on a fabric diet!

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