Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Still cold outside

I am so happy I have my wood burner to heat up the house together with electricity. Still minus 24 celcius outside. A little bit "warmer" (about minus 15) during the day, but still too cold. I remember when I was a little girl all winters where very cold. And I remember new years eve (in 98 or 99 I think) it was minus 32 celcius. Thats too cold for me. But we are used to strong winters where I live. This winter we have been spoiled with good temperature, so I will not complain.......if it not lasts too long.

This is what I made today. Three scissor holders. They are wery easy to make and give nice protection for the scissor while travelling. I am sure you too take good care of your scissors. I have one (read; several) scissors for fabric, and I have old scissors I use for paper. And no one in my family dares to use one of my scissors without permission.
I have found the pattern I want to quilt in the big squares on my "Say it with flowers" quilt. I hope to finish it this weekend. And then my goal "finish one ufo each month" is reached for january month. And I already know which one of my ufo's that is next on the list.

Quilt saying for today:

The only place where housework
comes before needlework
is in the dictionary.

~Mary Kurtz


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby, some time ago whem I visited for the first time your blog I thought you were australian or americain because in your photo you are with summer clothes. And now I read the weather in your place is temperatue negative...Brrrrr.
We have now 15 celcius degrees and it is to cold for us.
The bags for acessoires are very original and very cute.

Joyce said...

It has been very cold here too but I like it. It is perfect quilting weather and much better than the +40 they have been having in Australia. I have trained all my family not to touch my scissors too. I love the scissor holders. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

VERY nice and clever scissors handlers ! I love them, and the fabrics are sooo cute !
Beautiful quilting, too !

Hugs & smiles,

Angie said...

I love your "Say It With Flowers" quilt, May, and that's the perfect quilting motif for the alternate blocks. And oh my goodness, your A D blocks are just gorgeous! Every time I see yours, it makes me rethink my decision to not work on them right now. :c Eventually! :P Oh, I almost forgot--I LOVE your scissor holders too! :P

Cynthia said...

your scissors holders are lovely. I should make some of them as i have a number of scissors.

Libby said...

Love Say It With Flowers -- the quilting is making it sing.

I have a couple of scissors available for general use by anyone in the house -- the rest are strictly off limits. A good rule that everyone follows.

Anne Heidi said...

I LOVE those scissor holders, they are really neat and pracical.
We are cold as well,( of course, since we are not to far from each other...) but like Joyce wrote, it's perfect quilting weather...
Happy quilting!

Melanie said...

Great Post--- I love the verse..

Anonymous said...

I love your small pockets for scissors! and the quilting of the applique quilt is wonderfully achieved.

Pam said...

Great sissor holders! I too have a number of sissors and no one touches them without asking first.

Where did you get the pattern? I have never seen those before. I love that they have the little button and can be closed up.

meggie said...

Love those little scissor holders!
Noone dares to touch my sewing scissors, but the paper ones are quite often found in odd places!
I keep scissors in my kitchen drawers too- they are so handy for all sorts of things.
You quilting is just gorgeous.

Luísa Silva said...

Hi again, Thank you for your tip. The problem was I didn't put my profile on my blog and you were the first person to notested it. As you have seen my blog is very young. I think everything is ok now.

Susan said...

Those scissors holders are wonderful! Is that a pattern you bought, or in a book?

I really like the quilting you are doing on the quilt, too. Congratulations on meeting your Jan. goal!

Now, for that weather. That's horrible! When I translate this into Fahrenheit, I can't believe that's -11! Any way you look at it, it's cold! Glad your wood stove was installed in time for this winter!

Susan said...

Delightful scissors cases. I must make some for my friends.

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