Friday, September 15, 2006


I got an ivitation yesterday. Back to the happy 50'ties. My SIL is going to celebrate her 50th annivarsary and are inviting to a party with dresscode from 1950-1960. I see swingskirt, dots, scarfs. But where can I get something like this. Perhaps I can sew something, but do I have time for it. I saw some fabric at my quiltshop yesterday, brown or green with big dots on it. This would be perfect for a swingskirt. But it is a long time since I made clothes. Or can I find something at a flee market. Probably not. My DD has already found her outfit. She is thin and can wear almost everything. And I have saved one dress after my mother which she can use. But what about me. I got a challenge now. We are not forced to dress up like this, but I want to. It is fun. And I know a lot of the other guests are going to. Perhaps anyone out there have any ides or anything to help me. Patterns (if I am going to make a dress/skirt), something to borrow me. Heeeeelp, I need ideas LOL


Linda C said...

May Britt, those poodle skirts are just a big circle with a circle cut out for your middle--probably seamed down the back. Really like tree skirt only one's waist is bigger. Then all you need is a white blouse and scarf for around your neck. Did you try a google search?

I did this once for a party and set my hair in pincurls--of course, with my red hair, I looked a lot like Lucy.

Julia said...

May Britt, I had one of those poodle skirts when I was a teenager in the fifties...I loved it.
As Linda said they are just a circle...I'm sure with your skills you could make one.

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

May Britt, check your second hand shops for a full skirt, then add a sweater set. Very 50's. Don't forget the saddle shoes, or just slip-ons.
Have fun.

Bhavani Harikrishnan said...

Hi Mary Britt,
Try this site I think you will find what you need here. If not, just enjoy tthis treasure.
Good health and cheer to you and your family

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