Friday, September 15, 2006

Some of my goals this weekend

in a few hours I am off work and can relax. This week have gone soooooo fast. Not very much sewing have been done these last days, and I am looking forward to do something about that. Friday is in my opinion the best tv-day in Norway, and I love relaxing in front of the tv on fridays, with my sewing. I usually fall asleep in the chair after a short while LOL but I intend to do som sewing every friday LOL
This is what I found in one of my ufo-boxes this morning (I had a little extra time before leaving for work). A chicken runner which I made several years ago. I just have to put the binding on and I can handstitch it on while watching tv. Cannot understand why I have not completed it before because I have already cut the binding for this one. But to mention......I hate bindings LOL But now I need a tablerunner on my kitchentable.
This quilt is also almost finished. It is a made after a pattern from Nancy Halvorsen. I have some more quilting to do. For this one I have used DMC yarn to quilt. I hope I manage to find the same light brown colour as I have used before. If not I can surely use another colour that match. I intent to quilt a border with hearts around it. And I also have to quilt a bit in the small blocks between the application. The aplication blocks are already quilted. Why have I not finished it???? No idea.

And I have to embellish my hearts for Jo and Julia. And do some other hearts to swap. I have so much fun making these hearts. In the beginning I had some trouble knowing what to do on the hearts, but now I have learn that everything is allowed LOL I have bought a lot of beads lately and I have recieved a lot of beads, laces and other goodies from new friends.

My little Frida has found a new bed. I have noticed she want to sleep on my sewingtable, in front of the window behind my sewingmachine. I tryed to place a pillow there for her to sleep on. But no, she did not like that one. But yesterday I found an old quilt for her. And this morning she was sleeping so well on it. Notice my sewingtable is all tidy now LOL I have started to organize my sewingroom.......again. That is also one of my goals in september (not just this weekend, I need more time to tidy this room) I will buy some plastic boxes and try to organize what's in my shelfs.

Now back to work a few hours more before I go home.

Have a nice friday all of you.


Katjaquilt said...

I saw these wonderful crazy hearts in a lot of blogs. What do you plan to do with these hearts?
You are right with your thought of TGIF, but the weather should turn bad in Germany.

Nancy said...

My cats fight over that spot between my sewing room and the window. :-)

Linda C said...

May Britt, the quilts are wonderful and such fun. I gotta agree with you on that binding stuff. Both my little hand quilting projects are done and ugh, got to cut, sew and then finish binding on both. Necessary but always ready to move onto the next project, that's me!

Libby said...

Binding is my favorite thing -- so relaxing to sit and mindlessly stitch -- a perfect project for Friday night tv?

Cynthia said...

hope you found the time on Friday night to bind your table runner. It's very nice.

Please post photos when you have embellished the hearts. I enjoy seeing what you have done on them.

Hedgehog said...

Your little chicken runner is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute kitty! (Mine are trying to find a new "spot" in our new home... Unfortunately the temporary new spot will not be there long, as we still need to assemble the new furniture.)

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Frida looks so comfy! My little Angell loves to be near mom in the studio at all times too. They are great company aren't they?

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