Sunday, September 03, 2006


It is a rainy day. And I can relax and sit down and look back and forth. Third day of september. I have blogged almost a mont today. I started august 5th. Hanne got me in to this LOL. Thanks Hanne for helping me into this wonderful blogworld. Just now 2265 visitors have been on my blog. And 27 has subscribed my blog on bloglines. I have learned to know a lot of beutiful people. Noone mentioned, noone forgotten. But I love you all. You have inspired me both in CQ and in traditional quilting. Even if I spend a lot of time in front of the computer I actually gets time to sew. I have received suprise gifts in my mailbox. I am breathless over the beautiful laces and embellishment I have got from people that hardly know me. I appriciate it so much. When I joined the Chains of Heart group I have no idea what this would lead to. Would anyone fancy my hearts. They did. And I have swapped several and I have received such beautiful hearts back.
My goals for august was:

*Work on my 3 UFO's in the UFO challenge .
Yes I actually got one finished. If I finish one ufo each month they will all be done before showing them in the ufo contest last thursday in november.

*organize my sewing cupboard :(
Yes I did, but It have become a mess again LOL

*Trying not to start on new projects :(
This goal was doomed to fail. I knew it. So I do not understand why I put it on the list. I am so no 1 in starting new things. I love looking at patterns, books and magazines and get a lot of ideas. And now when I have got hocked on CQ I have started a little wallhanging for myself. But this is for practice new stitches and ideas. Does it then count as a new project LOL

I am happy I did not joined the "No buying fabric" in august.
I cannot understand how anyone managed august with no buying. If it had been me, I probably found all the fabrics I now are looking for. And not be allowed to buy it....LOL But I have made myself a goal in september. Just buy fabric I need in my ongoing projects. Not anything else......I think LOL

Goals for september:
* Finish at least one of my ufo's
* Experiment with my crazy quilting
* Start making christmas gifts
* Get time to read more
* celebrate my birthday LOL

Are you still with me LOL
I found a link to Maureen Greeson'sNewsletters for Crazy Quiltand Silk Ribbon Enthusiasts
They have beautiful iron on transfers and laces in the shop. And in the newsletters a lot of inspiration. I will look through this newsletters later.


Darlene said...

AHHH a rainy day. I crave those kind of days and we have very few here in the desert. :-( I hope that you had a lovely day! :-)

Patti said...

A good set of goals - I especially like the last one!


We are glad you joined the blogging world too - the more the merrier!

Susan said...

What a great post! I love rainy days, when there aren't too many in a row. =) Spoiled by living in the desert. I have a button on my quilting blog for your September buying goals. =)

Libby said...

Blogging sure is fun - I'm glad I found it, too. Sounds like a good set of goals.

Linda C said...

Wow, I didn't know that you had only been at this for such a short time. I know you have said you are hooked on blogging and we enjoy having you to chat with!

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