Monday, September 11, 2006

I did order it :)

Now I have placed my order at on Treasury of Crazyquilt Stitches and Simple traditions. I had to have them LOL

Now I just have to wait. The shipping can take some time. In my order it said that the books would arrive in november !!! :( But I hope it goes a little faster. Books as well as fabric is expensive in Norway. By ordering from amazon I get two books for the price of one in Norway.

And now I just have to look up a place to get the templats that follows the stitchbook. Does anyone now where to buy them, or perhaps anyone does not need them and want to sell them to me:) I guess not, because I have learned that they are very useful and popular. Now my day at work is soon over and I can go home and sew. Think I will make one more block and perhaps some hearts.


Darlene said...

That looks like an interesting book - I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I was reading Sandie's blog about the book and at the bottom it shows an entry from the book about the templates. Apparently you can get directly from the author of the book. Good Luck and enjoy!

Hanne said...

Enjoy your books when they come :-)
I also like to shop my books abroad. I was in a quilt shop down town today. Some of the books were very high priced. I came out with some embroidery needles. That was it !

Lorenza said...

I ordered the book three days ago by Amazon and I have to wait till Nov. too, now that I read Sandie's comment, I can wait to get it.

Nina In Norway said...

I've ordered one of the books too. I've ordered 4 books. Ooohh I'm looking forwartd to recieve them. Estimated delivery is end of november. Grr. I'll put "quick delivery" next time I place an order.

Cynthia said...

it's so exciting when you are waiting for something that you have ordered to arrive. I purchased some fabrics from the US online and i'm hoping they arrive this week.

Julia said...

I have the book and You will love the book and well worth the wait May Britt.
The templates are what I need too to make full use of the book.
I think you can buy them through Carole Samples herself.

abeautifulcraft said...

Hello May, you will love the books when they arrive, they have so much in them! Will be well worth the long wait. Most of the time they do arrive earlier. I purchased my book through Carol herself and the templates that go with the book. Brilliant, they helped me so much!
Have you tried ebay for buying fabrics and crazy quilting things?? A wonderful place to source items you are looking for.

Simonetta said...
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Simonetta said...

Hi May,two very beautiful books! You think about the joy when they arrive:)))) Also in Italy the fabrics and the books are very expensive, luckily that the web exists:))))

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