Sunday, September 24, 2006

Our visit to Copenhagen

After a rough boattrip to Copenhagen we arrived in beautiful sunny weather. We had decided to take the canalboat through Copenhagen. It lasts for an hour and shows us a lot of Copenhagens attractions. The canaltrip starts in Nyhaven. This place is truly magical, and when you are here you feel like you have been transported back to another time and place. It was in old time used as a major port and was soon filled with drunken sailors, brothels, and tattoo parlors. It soon had a seedy reputation and all but the bravest of souls stayed away. In the 1970s, like many places in the world, it was reinvented and turned into a waterside attraction for the whole family

There was a lot of bridges which was very narrow and low. And a lot of them was beautiful decorated.

The black diamond. When the sun shines the water reflects in the building and it glimmers like a diamond. This was realy a sight.

The little mermaid. Perhaps the most known attraction in Copenhagen. We got to see it from te wrong side (waterside) so this is not the most perfect picture.

And of course we had to visit Tivoli (the amusement park). My DD wanted to take the roller coaster. I am sooooooo scared of merry-go-rounds aso and told her she had to do it all alone. And she is a tough girl, not afraid as her mother LOL. Here is a picture of her ready to take the Deamon roller coaster. She smiled when she came back.

After a long, warm and hectic day in the city we returned to the boat. And on the same deck we stayed there was a outside bubble pool. We relaxed a while in it and that felt very good. But when going back to our room the door card did not work. There we were standing in our bathingsuits with just a towel around us. We on deck 10 and the informationdesk was on deck 7. Luckily two old ladies rescued us. They went for help and we got inside. What a sight. Not very fun but we laugh at it now.


Libby said...

A beautiful place to visit.

Hanne said...

We did the canal trip in Copenhagen summer 2005 - it was so nice.
Good to see you again :-)

Jenni said...

Sounds like an adventure in more ways than one. I went to Copenhagen when I was 'young', so it was nice to see those places again.

Julia said...

I would love to go to Copenhagen...looks like a beautiful place to visit.

Gerry said...

Oh, the memories. My DH and I spent 10 days in Copenhagen in June, 2006. We took that same water tour and saw the Little Mermaid, too. It is a wonderful city, isn't it?

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