Thursday, September 14, 2006


These last few days have been very very busy. Both at work and at home. Have hardly had any time to read blogs so I have a lot to update now. I feel bad not answering all the comments I have received lately or leave comments on the blogs I have read. But I appriciate all comments.
Yesterday I visit Gjøvik quilt group and had a stitcheryclass with 27 ladies. It was a bit difficult, but I think I managed it. It was just a demonstration of different stitches and useful tips making stitchery. With so many ladies I just sat down and they came up to me and I showed them. This was the only way to do it.
I had brought with me some patterns, fabric aso from "my" quiltshop to sell. And today I returned the no sold things and the money from yesterday. And of course they had got new fabric in the shop !!!!! And I am on a "only purchase fabric to complete a quilt" in september.

Did I buy some of the fabric????? Of course YES.
Was they intended to be used to complete a quilt????? Of course NOT
Do I have the strenght not to buy any more fabric???? What do you think??? LOL

This is the fabric I bought. All Moda fabric and I loooooooove them. This serie is called Misteltoe Manor by 3 Sisters. But they do not look like ordinary christmasfabric to me. I may perhaps use them in a new bag....or a table runner for my kitchentable.......or......... I do not know yet. Do I have to have a plan with my fabrics when I buy them???

My DD wanted to knit a scarf and I bought her this lovely yarn in brown and pink. I hope we can have som quality relaxtime together, she knitting and I quilting.


Libby said...

Such an enjoyable day with stitching in a class of new friends. I love your fabric choices -- have seen Mistletoe Manor fabrics, but have not yet succumbed. It's just a matter of time. You will have such nice memories of spending days with your daughter enjoying knitting and quilting. Enjoy.

Linda C said...

That's the fabric line that sent Patti off the Fabric Depression in August. Lovely, isn't it?

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Your daughter is very lucky to have a mother like you to spend quiet time with.

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