Saturday, September 16, 2006

Look what I found

I think I did a scoop today. I visit a shop which sells used clothes. And look what I found. A blouse with all these white beautiful pearls. I got it very very cheep. And this evening I have been picking off all the pearls. It was quite a job.......................

but look at the result, a big box of pearls.
I also found a dress for my DD to wear at the "Back to the 50's" party. What do you think, it is right for the 50's. Have to change it a bit, but I think it will be nice. It did not fit me :) so I am still looking for something to wear.
Now I will prepare dinner. Baked potatoes with a beef. And a glass of redwine. Then I can continue to handsew my binding on the tablerunner. In fact I found another tablerunner that also just lacked the binding. A tablerunner for the advent. Blue and white. I will show you that one tomorrow. Now I will spend some time with my DD. She wanted to start to knit on the scarf and perhaps we look at a movie together on the dvd.

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Libby said...

What fun to see those pearls all together in the bowl. I'll look forward to seeing them show up in some of your cq work.

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